Pakistan - let's see what you think!?

After 9/11 all those who never even heard of Pakistan and never had any kinda information about the country stood up and started a kind of online warfare against the country with all sorts of hate speech, slurs and everything nasty to slander the reputation of the country - mostly under the impression of the biased western media.

Let's hear what kind of beliefs do you have! What do you think Pakistan is like and what're your opinions about it? How would you compare it to any/a particular country?

Post your replies here and me (and hopefully some of the Pakistani and Pakistan origin Y!Answers members ) will answer all your queries, misconceptions and questions!


okay now jammal.. the thing is wrong with what you call the 'system' - corrupt politicians & power-hungry military.

do read ayesha siddiqa's 'military inc.' stating military business interests are worth over 2bn $!

politicians have been mostly the ones to call in military administrators as marshal law administrators-- whose fault is it now? & by the way Pakistani politics has always been confined to a few families..

it's not the religion.. it's the culture, the social norms... its the greed that breed within this select class of people that does NOT represent the general public.. the select class of people that does not honor public votes! people trust them, vote for them, elect them & they cause rampant corruption, slander country's image & call themselves 'the representative of the people'. people vote like that mainly due to ignorance & illeteracy.

let's just hope that changes do come in & people do realize the power of their vote. let's hope that rulers learn to honor public vote

Update 2:


tell you what.. you talk about cooperating with (probably) the US government.. if u remember the russian invasion of afghanistan then it was the US govt that actually had shown support to taliban, it was this very country that had actually provided a way to create something that it now calls 'Al-Qaeda'.. now it calls Pakistan as a terrorist haven! I mean gimme a break! You set up something and now blame someone else for it...

And these 'terrorists' can only be provoked further by aggressive action against them.. the way to deal with them is NEGOTIATION.. the way to deal with them is to break them apart, create differences among them, make their followers against them, put spies among them and know what they think - what they plan- and whats their weak points.. its a long painful way that needs patience and understanding. violence breeds more violence. yesterday afghanistan, today iraq... what did u got?! a more war-torn region and more tougher 'terrorists'!

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    Pakistan's main problem lies in the poor and very corrupted leadership, the poor and very corrupted leadership allowed military intervention.

    First USA should give Pakistan the proper and latest equipment to seal its border with Afghanistan then criticize Pakistan, I wonder how Americans can only blame Pakistan for Taliban attacks? Since all 35 NATO nations are in Afghanistan with their latest equipments USA itself is there with the number one technology in the whole world, Afghanistan should care about its borders but yet the whole world and specially USA blame only only only PAKISTAN.

    We all know that USA can't secure its easy border with Mexico with its world number one technology but they expect Pakistan to secure its Mountainous border with Afghanistan, i just wonder on the hypocrisy of Americans.

    Securing Pakistan Afghanistan border is a joint joint joint responsibility of all NATO and specially AMERICA & Afghanistan & then PAKISTAN.

    And Pakistan has lost more troops & civilians than USA or any other country for this so called war on terror.

    USA and WEST first look at their deeds then point out their fingers on Pakistan, USA must must must give Pakistan the latest spying equipments otherwise they should not expect something from Pakistan which is not possible even from them.

    Bush praises Pakistan in terror fight - South and Central Asia -

    Dozens of soldiers missing in Pakistan tribal area - Yahoo! News

    AND LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ONNNNNNNNN, All USA is doing providing ARMS & having nuclear deals to Pakistan’s number ONE enemy India and despite of that asking Pakistan to do all for them. WOW what a friend is USA if of Pakistan.


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    I think that Pakistan is paralyzed by Islamic Fundamentalists. Even while its government cooperates with ours, its people harbor terrorists. But its a complicated situation and it really goes to show how even fairly autocratic governments can't ignore their people's opinions.

    As for Pakistanis in general, I feel about them the same way I feel about anyone--some are good, some are not so good. I've had several friends and associates of Pakistani birth and liked them all. So... does that answer your question?

    Update: Fair enough. I'll give you that the U.S. government's Cold War policies created a good deal of this mess. Nonetheless, Pakistan is still allowing Al Qu'aida to operate in it's back yard virtually unopposed, and regardless of the past, I still want to see Bin Laden's head on a pike.

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    Pakistan is not apralyzed by "islamic fundamentalist", pakistan is ruined by sell out corrupt leaders. Bhutto and Nawaz sharif (first 2 PM) stole all the national treasurey and left pakistan in poverty. Then dictator musharaf took and is licking western boots to keep that power. He took innocent citizens and sold them to US as "qaeda members". His intelligence agency took hundreds of women/children/men which are now missing. If you keep up with their local news ( you will see that their supreme court demanded this dictator's agency find those missing civilians and return them within 60days.

    It's people are supporting their own fellow citizens who are being sold to ship to gitmo. It's dictator sends his army into his own nation and massacres his own people (lal masjid) and put propaganda lies against them and then sends US the bill for fighting "war on terror". US president's administration pays him billions of dollar for all this and does it off the books so no one (like congress) ask questions.

    What scares Bush is that the pakistani ppl do not submit and be oppressed completely by the dicatator in charge. After the massacre of Lal masjid (where over 3000 died not 100 as bbc and musharaf dictator claimed), all of the army is now being attacked by the public. They have to go in civilian clothing undercover and still they are being attacked and killed. That is the pakistani people, they know how to fight back against injustice, can you imagine your own army hiding and running from your public? that's what they get for killing the people they are suppose to be protecting.

    From a website:

    Musharraf planned the whole thing from start to finish, primarily as a means to solidify his grip on power, and to secure the upcoming "elections". The bumbling General-in-chief has been after the Lal Masjid for years, using it as an excuse to curry favor with the western world as the only tinpot dictator capable of "managing" his countrymen.

    How incompetent is Musharraf? This reject from a pan shop makes Bush look like Rhode scholar. I've seen this thug openly threaten a prime time show host on Pakistani satellite TV while abroad. IN ENGLISH. How "presidential" is he? Look no further then his ridiculous attempt at a 70s bollywood hairstyle and pathetic appearance on the Daily Show to plug his crappy book.

    Mush fired the independent minded Chief Justice of Pakistan in order to weaken the judiciary. This move backfired and people took to the streets. Ever the charmer, the thug ordered attacks on the media and had dozens of protesters shot dead in broad daylight.

    Source(s): Musharraf lauds Lal Masjid massacre The woman of Lal masjid
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    what confuses me about Pakistan(long before 9/11) is,why,though founded in the same year as India and its people has used to be indian before its inception,Why on earth you aren't respecting democracy as india does??why so many coup d'etat?? India is full of cults while you are to some extent, homogeneous nation , a big WHY??do you know what people all over the world say? the proplem isn't with Pakistanis,it is in the religion they follow,you see how you smeared Islam.???!!!

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