Do people from Trinidad have problems with people from Jamaica?

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I have heard recently that Trinidad people do not like Jamaicans, and even though this is a vast generalization, where would something like this stem from?
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So I keep hearing...

I keep getting mixed answers so I believe its a mixture of both.

Some trinis really love Jamaicans tho

I believe SOME not all were grown up to despise Jamaicans due to there parents hating Jamaica's vulgar lyrics, vulgar dancing, and in your face attitude.

It's kinda the same kinda thing where Jamaicans were grown up to not like haitians.

So once you have that bad thought in your head about a group, you always think 10X worse of them when you experience what people grew u up to believe.

S, i guess it's a complex of feeling superior too..since some feel they are better than jamaicans becuz they have a better attitude..

I personally think it's JEALOUSY too. And i'm saying that out of malice, but seriously. I've done it myself where I hate on someone for being ON TOP all the time.

Trinidad and Jamaica are running a race. Both are trying to win. Trinidad and Jamaica both have rich cultures, created ther own music, having superior athletes, have a good diaspora across the world...yet Jamaicans always seem to be a little faster and more acknowledged..and it kinda sucks to face it!

I would probably hate Jamaicans too if I was a trini simply because they are my competition..and there rude, crude, loud asses always manage to outshine me! I'm Jamaican by the way..

Trinis who hate will hate..trinis who love will love.

Just bring on the ones that don't judge me becuz of my culture and I'll be fine. Those Trinis are great people..very fun and animals..and as sweet as eva(CHARA..mi sweet friend!!)

And to the man (who is one of the bunch who hate jamaicans) who said we stole ROTI and PATTY..what are you talking about? ROTI is an INDIAN dish..if you didn't know..INDIANS are in Jamaica. Roti is just more POPULAR in trinidad. PATTY was derived from the BRITISH pastry called "PASTIES"..we adopted it due to the british influence..and we PERFECTED it!

British and indian..tis all!
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  • mica answered 7 years ago
    I am from Trinidad and I don't have a problem with Jamaica. As a matter of fact i think we try to copy them. We love the music, we have parties just like their's and we dress like them. That statement could never be further from the truth.
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  • Jamaican QT™ answered 7 years ago
    My cousin is dating a Trinidadian, and we all like her -- She's like family and there's no animosity there whatsoever... Another cousin of mine is dating a Barbadian. Of course we all joke around with each other and say "we're better" or whatever... but it's all fun and games and no one takes it to heart. I haven't experienced any animosity from Trinidadians, but I've heard of that generalization. I guess it just depends on who you're talking to
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  • Your dum answered 7 years ago
    I think that each nation has a high degree of national pride. People in Trinidad would feel that they are better than Jamaicans and vice versa.
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  • laurabird answered 7 years ago
    I doubt it.
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  • CMJohnson-1988 answered 7 years ago
    my mum doesnt (she was born in Trinidad till she came to London, when she was 7) - & she went to Jamaica a while ago etc.

    but i dont think Trinidadians or Jamaicans have a problem with each other
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  • Debbie M answered 7 years ago
    i think that just goes back to previous experiences or history i doubt that now a days considering the world is so vastly mixed
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  • Analisa L answered 7 years ago
    As a Trinidadian, I would say yes, for the most part this is true. Jamaicans tend to think that they *are* the Caribbean. It has been the case with most Jamaicans I've met. But theirs is a bigger country so perhaps the small number of people I've met is not fairly representative.


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  • giveugoodlovin86part2 answered 7 years ago
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  • soulflower answered 7 years ago
    i would not say they don't like Jamaicans but that they feel a bit superior to them

    and don't want to be confused with them

    most other people from the West Indies feel this way as well


    this happens all over the world

    i grew up in Texas and other immigrants from South and Central America felt superior to Mexicans and did not want to be confused with them

    now in Texas the Mexican Americans and immigrants don't want to be associated with other Latinos sometimes, but thankfully a surge of Latino pride is occurring

    i could go on and on with different groups of people here in America and around the world, including our people

    but to just answer your question, i don't think a person from Trinidad would like kill a Jamaican person in a cultural thing but maybe not want to marry a person from Jamaica and such

    but thankfully there is a kind of surge in Caribbean pride too and these groups are not as at odds as they were in the past
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  • King Flex answered 7 years ago
    Thats because they stole Beef Patties and Roti from us
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