Audie Murphy the most decorated enlisted soldier?

Who here agress that Audie Murphy, is the most decorated soldied in military history?

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    My understanding is Audi Murphy is / was the USA's most decorated Soldier of WW11. Ultimately winning the Congressional Medal of Hour and also being commisioned from the ranks.

    I'm not sure in what order he won his decorations! However, I my further understanding is that he had already been commissioned prior to winning the Congressional Medal of Honor?

    Undeniably, he was also extremely resentful of being invalided out of the Army as a result of his wounds and initially for several years during his early film career voiced it on many occessions.

    An exceptionally brave and very gallant man.

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    When Morgan visited Murphy at his house in California to interview him, he saw a small glass display box with some of his medals inside. The display was in disarray. The Medal of Honor looked “tacky,” Morgan noted, while the first of Murphy’s three Purple Hearts had fallen and lay face down at the bottom of the case. Like Murphy himself, the medals were ignored, forgotten. At the time of Morgan’s visit, Murphy, America’s most decorated soldier, had four more years to live. But part of him had already died, long before his airplane crashed into the top of Brush Mountain.

    SSG Schramm

    US Army 15 years

    OIF 2003

    US Army Recruiter 3 years running

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    Audie Murphy is the most decorated soldier of WW II. Although he was enlisted and later commissioned a Second Lieutenant.

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    Audie Murphy was the most decorated American soldier in World War ll. The movie about him starred him.

    Sgt. Alvin York was the most decorated American soldier in World War l. The movie about him starred Gary Cooper.

    Source(s): History buff
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    Well that depends, whats your criteria ?

    Is it the most individual valor decorations ?

    Or the number of highest valor decorations ?

    IE: just how many Bronze Stars equal one CMH ?

    In my opinion, the most decorated Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, are those 13 who have been decorated with the Medal of Honor twice.

    Just how could any amount of lower valor medals, equal two CMH's ?

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    Yes he was,and also the youngest.My uncle served with him,and said "the guy knew no fear"He was with him when he took out the German tank crew by tossing a grenade down the hatch.He said that he was the best combat leader that he had ever seen.

    Source(s): My uncle who served with him.
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    yes he was,at least in the u.s. army in the european theater,but don't forget that ww2 was so awesome in size, that their so many heroes in that war,like in the marines, there was gunnny sergeant john basilone,winner of two congressional medals of honor,he was a spokeman on bond tours,he won one on guadal canal and the second on iwo jima posthumiously

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    eventuall they will, the sit back and watch the fighting and after it's over they come up just to say taht they were there

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    Matt Urban beat him, by a little

    Source(s): true story......
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    If you want to know the story, don't watch the movie, read his book "To Hell and Back".

    Source(s): Capt. USMC (Ret)
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