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How does computer change your life?

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    Computer reduces the time needed for many different tasks, thus increasing our efficiency and allows more tasks to be completed within a fixed period of time. It also saves some trouble for us as computer provides a large virtual capacity for document storage which replace papers and thus help protecting the environment.

    Computer brings people closer together, yet at the same time draws people apart. It is easy to stay in touch with your friends, relatives, and the world with a computer. However, as we spend more and more time on the computer, we no longer step out of the room to explore the world and really experience what is happening outside. It is crucial for us to encounter with people becaus that way we learn more about others and more importantly, we learn about ourselves and at the same time we grow from all these experience.

    Personally, computer helps me a lot. I use it to take notes in lectures, talk to my boyfriend who's in Hong Kong (I'm in Canada now), and it provides me with entertainment. With new inventions like Facebook, I even got to catch up with old friends whom I have lost contact with for years. So overall, computer makes my life much more convenient. As long as I don't over rely on it, it is doing more good than bad for me. =]

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    Computer is very helpful. It gives me most of the information that I need. It can broaden our knowledge about the world. I can easily contact with friends in remote places through the Internet. I can also keep in touch with my relatives who live overseas.

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