How should I start an introduction paragraph?

Okay, we are writing about careers, and I want to do something different than the intro that start with imagining how your life would be in that career, I mean, it's been done too much in my opinion. (Imagine you walking down a street and see that lady wear the most fashionable shoes, just to realize you had designed them, blah blah blah that's what I mean)

ANy ideas on how to start off a little differently to introduce my career? Give an example of how, please. ^ ^


I'm not sure if everyone got my question, I liked how JLK started it though, like instead of talking about the future to lead up to the topic you used the past.

Okay let me try and rephrase the question: How do I grab my reader's attention?

(thanks gina for tips! and natastro... =) )

Update 2:

Thanks everyone ^ ^

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    This is a likewise hackneyed technique, but if you're imaginative enough, you can make it sound novel.

    Introduce your essay with a controversial quotation, such as this one from Hillary Clinton (needless to say, choose an individual who's in the limelight these days): “Don't confuse having a career with having a life.” And then write 2-3 sentences about what Hillary means by this.

    The body of the paragraph would then focus on the importance of choosing a career where working isn't drudgery, where you learn something new everyday, and where you grow as a person.

    The third paragraph may feature celebrities who have what we call "successful" careers not just because they're in it for the money, but because they love what they do. There's Oprah, for instance, who channels her energy to doing charitable work, and that's what makes her fulfilled.

    Finally, wrap it up with some sagely advice about "following your heart" when choosing your own career path. Hope this helps!

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    When I was a kid I fought my mother when she sent me outside to play. I'd duck and dodge, even yell sometimes, but she always won. And there I'd be outside, forced to run from the Glacker boys' torments one more time. Little did I know that all that running would one day lead to my career.

    (My guess is that this lady IS in shoes, running shoes, either as an athlete or a designer...)

    That's it for my ideas of a different type of beginning, though it sure has been a long time since I read or wrote any kind of career paper, so read all the other answers carefully, too! and good luck...

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    Tell about a situation & how that career intervenes in it.

    "A little girl walks to school. Her feet are torn by the rocks and the gravel on the dirt road....As a shoe designer, the woman who designed the tennis shoes for her feet knew she made a world of difference..."

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    it is so trouble-free as introducing the subject be counted. The final line of your intro paragraph might desire to be your thesis, which will desire to incorporate the element being made on your physique paragraphs. in the past that, might desire to be a typical advent on your subject be counted: what air toxins is, and why you're writing approximately it. Why is this significant? Introduce it an identical way you could to somebody who you have been describing your paper to, yet in greater formal words. solid success!

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    The most exquisite pair of pumps were advancing on me - I was mesmerised by their boasting elegance and familiar satin knots. An crude feeling of excitement flushed through my whole being as I watched them intently. They were like a pair of gold nuggets among an ocean of cheap, bland, horrifying plastic. I wondered how I'd become so distracted but then realised, as they rushed past, that they were from my own sketches. They were my laboured, but perfect design that had become a reality.


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    in your into, there should be a hook. and you can start that off by asking a question, or a story, stats, or opinion. then go into what your going to write about then your thesis

    Source(s): Are You Mad? A guide for Developmental Writers (which is a book i am using for my writing class in college) might want to invest in it. its really helpful!
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