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Fun Stuff 2 Do in Ann Arbor, MI?

My best friend is visiting me from St. Louis, MO (where I'm from originally). I'm here for school so I haven't really gotten to do any fun things.

I want to stay pretty close to Ann Arbor. Does anyone in the area know of fun things to do? We're all 21+. I have this so far:

-Ypsi Arbor Lanes (bowling)

-Bars and Clubs (Necto, the Brown Jug)

-Exploring central campus (icecream, Middle Earth)

-Ann Arbor Hands-on museum


-Pinball Pete's Arcade

-Bubble Island (bubble tea)

-Briarwood Mall

If anyone has any other ideas that would be AWESOME! Thanks! =]

And I wanna do stuff that she can't really do back at home. I don't want to take her to see a movie when she can do that already.

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    Sounds like you have a great list going already!

    Here's some more that are a little more unique to Ann Arbor:

    - Tailgate and attend a Michigan football game (or watch it on TV at Frasier's, Ashley's, or Connor O'Neil's). Don't forget an after-football Sangia or drink of "constant buzz" at Dominick's (across from the Law school on Monroe)

    - If it's warm, take a canoe trip from Argo livery to Gallup park (they drive you back)

    - Have lunch at Zingerman's Deli, dinner at Zingerman's Roadhouse, or a snack at Zingerman's Bake House

    - Take a walk through all of the fall colors at the Botanical Gardens (on Dixboro)

    - Stroll through the Main Street area, enjoying the many art galleries and shops.

    - Go to Farmer's Market Saturday morning in Kerrytown

    - See a show at the Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase (on Liberty), the Ark (on Main), or see if there's a concert or performance at U-M.

    Hope that helps -- have fun!!!

    Source(s): 6+ years of living in Ann Arbor Zingerman's: Matthaei Botanical Gardens: Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase:
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    Tough alternative - Cal Tech is a unusual institution however so is U of Michigan. I'd choose residing in Ann Arbor than LA in my view. The visitors, smog, populace density, price of residing and crime in LA is a predominant flip off for me. The climate within the iciness is nicer in LA however the different seasons I'd say are a tie Best of success! You can not move flawed with both

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