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dont know what to be for halloween!!?

weell i have no idea what i want to be for halloween . but me and my 2 friends want to do something together. so does anyone have some really koool & cute ideas ?!

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    you could do.. charlies angels, pirates, 3 musketeers, 3 blind mice (lol), king queen and joker, batman robin and villian, super heroes, a pimp and his 2 'ladys', crayons, playboy bunnies, teacher and students, spongebob patrick and squidward lol, mermaids, dead brides, mike myers freddie k and jason, strippers, freaks, barbies, there are soo many possibilites!!! Just look around the room and you will think of something! Or flip thru the tv channels. Good luck let us know what you decide!!

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    I saw a couple one Halloween who rigged up a costume with laundry baskets. They got a plastic laundry basket, cut a hole in the bottom to fit over their head and put a few clothes in and became walking laundry baskets!

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    You can find a lot of ideas at

    They review the hottest and most popular Halloween costumes for this year.

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    fanta girls



    little red riding hood, the big bad wolf and grandma


    police, nurse, and firfighter




    cinderella, snow white and jasmine

    dorothy, scarecrow, and tin man

    those are the mest i can think of

    have a fun halloween!

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    i don't noe much but i have some nice ideas for an individual and then for triple friends...

    single person:

    a greek goddess

    a spartan

    a pirate

    a witch

    a poet...olden times

    a stick in the mud (wear brown and tape a stick on ur front)



    a fork, spoon and knife (LOL)

    the harry potter friends (ron, harry and hjermione)

    3 chasers in quidditch (wear like gryffindor)



    HOPE U LIKE THE IDEAS....I am Sybill Trelawney this year!

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    Go as abandoned dead babies in a garbage bag. Its realy simple you grab a garbage bag cut a hole out for air and put it over your whole body. Or you can just go as a bag of leaves. Or you could go as a streaker. It's realy inexpensive you just need a pair of shoes and thats all. You don't even need to wear anything at all...except shoes. Or if your rich you can go as a horse one be the front and the other the back... or you could go as a failed invisable woman. Basicly you just go as you are and say that your a woman who tried to make herself invisable and failed. Wahahaha

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    Some of my friends went as "the golden girls" once. It was a great idea and everyone loved it.

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    me and my friend are being fanta girls!!!! i give you permission to be a fanta girl also. and u can have up to 3 but u can make other colors too! orange, red, and purple are the main ones tho. email me if u take my idea!!! i hope that helps!

  • zombie prom queens witches sumo wrestlers and that costume is always fun to wear and play in after halloween

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    three stooges, 3 musketeers, cock and balls, day after chicks (with guys shirts and lipstick on it looks like u slept with a guy), lots of threesomes out there, but be creative, make people remember your costumes!

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