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This is serious. The New world order might be here. Please read my question and tell me what you think.?

Vicente Fox book admits North American scheme

'Toward a single continental economic union, modeled on the European example'

The Law of the Sea Treaty(this article was in 2004, but the real thing is back in the senate right now. it was also so bad that even Regan did not let it pass)

it gives the UN POWER OVER 70%(seventy percent) of the EARTHS SURFACE, and the AIRSPACE above it. that means that the sea belongs to the UN. it also means that the United States military(navy and Airforce) need permission from the U.N. to move around. Thats not all. If there is a ship on sea around the U.S. coast belived to be filled with terrorist, the U.S coast guards does not have autority to go down there to search and stop the ship becos of this treaty. This would stop us also from any kind of mining rights or going to get OIL of all things from the sea.

Fellow brothers and sisters, thats not all. Thay can also TAX. yes tax. This is because when ever the U.N. does something the U.S. govt doesnt like, the U.S. govt.(which is the highest funder of the U.N) takes away alot of money from the fund. WE ALL KNOW THE U.N. IS USELESS. ( interview with Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma). if you think taxes are high, wait till the senate ratify this nightmere, then, we get hillary and edwards and obama into office to raise taxes to pay for their socialist healthcare, and also hilary's plan to give $5000 to every new born child. Look i dont work yet, i am only a concerned High School student. But i know that my aunt and many other Americans out there dont like high taxes.


so what exactly is more important to the ACLU, some Wild animals that can migrate to texas and arizona and live there permanently or the U.S sovrignty and economy for crying out loud.

PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS to you yahoo answer friends, office mates, neighbors, mail man e.t.c(liberals, conservatives, far left, far right and neo-cons). call your congress men and women. dont let the U.N. have this.

i dont really like his some of his views, but these are the kind of things that make people want to vote for Ron Paul.


Update 2:

NOTE: i dont think 9/11 was an inside job.

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    The NWO IS here young man. At last time people actually begin to listen to those of us who have been talking about this for YEARS only to be called freaks in tin foil caps.

    There is a reason for everything you mention. The borders? How can he close them when he wants their bodies in his wars? How can he close them when he is signing up Mexicans right left and center in Iraq and moving their families into the US.?

    Now all you need to realize is the Dem and Reps are the same critters with different sounding policies but the same long term goals.

    The Illuminati are trying to literally break the American back. Here are the ways they are going about it. See if you recognize any of them.

    Immigration lawlessness and rising crime wave by illegal aliens. (How about those borders, hmm?)

    Government bankruptcy and indebtedness at an all-time high. (You are sold into slavery for life, every american)

    Social Security swindle—Social Security Fund battered as Feds blow money on worthless spending scams.

    Veteran mistreatment and genocide. Most V. A. hospitals are deathtraps; Vets receive inferior medical care. Millions of Vets are dying from Agent Orange (Vietnam), Persian Gulf War sickness, and other service-related illnesses. (Ahem. read the headlines! Did you know 60% of homeless men are vets?)

    Outsourcing of American jobs—to foreigners in Pakistan, India, Red China, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. America’s manufacturing base declining rapidly and being shifted overseas. (Yes but we save pennies buying at Walmart as a result so this is a good thing.. right?)

    Foreign student takeover of America’s colleges, universities, and public schools.

    Corporate globalism—Greedy U.S. corporations, as globalist entities, are unpatriotic and hostile to American interests. (Speaking of walmart again... or Halliburton... etc)

    Harnessing of U.S. Military for global mercenary duties. Americans forced to pay for and fight Israel’s wars and die for causes unrelated to U.S. defense. (Check and see all the places your Military serves in.)

    Hate Crime laws—state, federal, and U.N.—forbid free speech, prohibit criticism of Israel and prevent the Christian gospel being preached. (It began with the removal of class prayers and civic lessons... now you cannot even say Merry Christmas)

    Sexual barbarism and dehumanization accomplished by vulgar, crude, sexually explicit, physically degrading movies, television, cartoons, books, video games, advertising and other media.

    Private property regularly seized and its uses restricted to promote the Communist agenda of environmentalist and globalist organizations.

    Unfair and unlawful tax system used to rob producers and transform U.S. citizens into federalized serfs and wards of the state. (We see this growing by the day, don't we?)

    Manipulation of water supplies and contrived water shortages used to drive up water prices and control the citizenry. (Not yet in the US but they are already doing this in South America where Enron bought up all the water supplies and now charges the civilians for clean water)

    White race discriminated against and American culture savaged by promotion of "cultural diversity." (I am white and i see this happening esp to white males.)

    Two meaningless political parties whose real agenda are identical, and corrupt, rigged elections which frustrate the will of the people. (They also divide the people and create more friction, as well as keep them busy so they don't see the real stuff doing down.)

    Satanization of society through occult influences and symbols which permeate media, music, entertainment, and sports. (This is a biggie. I have blogged a LOT on this one. The Whit eHouse was hijacked by Satanists when JFK was assassinated. There has been a Bush in power ever since.)

    Free Press replaced by propaganda ministries and elitist media accomplices who work nonstop to psychologically hypnotize, mesmerize, and control the minds of the population. (This has been going on for decades. TV is their best friend as are the media owned by the same people who create the wars, etc.)

    "War on Terror" used as pretext to create an American police state and remove the peoples’ constitutional rights. (The Patriot Act, a little book of several hundred pounds in weight, took only 3 weeks to write? Nope, it was written partly by a Jesuit and was ready to go when the towers were blasted.There are interviews with Nick Roosevelt and others laughing at the whole terrorist concept.)

    Death culture promoted. Conditioning of minds. Desensitizing of the masses to the mass genocide to come, with abortion, euthanasia, necrophilia, cannibalism, group death, and cruelty. (TV and news again.As well as so many other political forces also.)

    Gulag concentration camps prepared for resisters and dissidents. (There are at least 700 of them in the US and Canada alll primed and ready to go. I have done in depth reporting on this issue in my blog complete with photos.)

    Religious debasement. False religions promoted and encouraged. Traditional Christianity portrayed as anti-Semitic, bigoted and politically incorrect. (There will also be a push against decent good Jews thanks to the hideous Zionists. The desired result is a religious war in which the Christians and Jews bomb the Muslims out of existence while the Muslims to the same in return. This is a great way to remove much of the flotsam and jetsam of the planet for the NWO who want to reduce the population by 80%.)

    It is good to see a young person who is actually STuDYING and learning about the world situation and you are to be commended.

    BTW Talldude is bang WRONG about the Amero being an urban legend. They have already minted a few models of it and they figure by 2010 it will be ready for use, and we will be ready to accept it.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Just a few urban myth sites on the urban myth amero LOL.

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    The Amero story is an Urban Legend.

    Also, the Law of the Sea Treaty was never signed, and even if it had been signed, it did not give the UN 70% power over the seas. There were also independent treaties that protected the US and other countries, in spite of that treaty.

    You need to read the very article you sighted more carefully.

    As far as the so called "securing of our borders": History has proven time and time again that walls do NOT work and do NOT make countries more secure. They never have. They never will.

    Examples: Berlin Wall, East/West Germany Iron Curtain, Eastern-Western block closed borders, just to name a few.....

    Lastly , Bush's belief that building a new chain-link fence the entire length of the southern US border will make us more secure is laughable at best, especially when you consider that the majority of or Canadian border goes unwatched and unsecured with no plans for a fence there.

    If indeed we are after "security" (and not bigotry) , then why are we not building a fence on our northern border?

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    the scary thing is that you'll be able to vote in a few years. the scarier thing is that you are amongst the more well-informed of american youth.

    you're right about a few things. ron paul is a good choice, for example.

    remember that we are all citizens of the world. i love this country, too, but i care about many people, not just americans.

    somehow, the world must be united under a government that has the power to reign in unsafe environmental practices (and reign in unfair economic practices). human civilization needs to 'grow up' at some point, because we're too heavy for 'mother earth' to carry us anymore. (and i'm not just referring to the global warming risk) i'm not saying the U.N. is the vessel for that change; i don't know. but you need to refine your arguments.

    as always, and everywhere... someone needs to lead. and the question is who.

    good question.. keep at it

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    I think everyone is so tired of Radical Republican scare tactics. Isn't that what got us into this mess in Iraq?

    The reason taxes are low is becuase he charges everything.

    He is spending a billion dollars a day in Iraq and it is all charged. So they have not given us less taxes Bush has just put the country into debt more than any previous president.

    Our economy is like a deck of cards. And it is going down.

    It is like a husband who doesn't pay the bills so he has a lot of money in the bank.

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    Ezekial 38 and 39. Russia is Gog. China is Magog.

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    Heard about the Amero? This is what the new currency for the new North America (USA/Canada/Mexico) will be when the borders are taken down and all of North America will have one currency, just like the Euro...........

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    you probably also think 9/11 was an inside job and aliens captured elvis....

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    I heard that Islam doesn't have taxes. With such persuasive arguments, how come they need suicide bombers?

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    o yes o yes

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    The U.N.

    Damn you wodrow willson!!!!!!!!!!!

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