What are social forces?

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Update : would freedom be an example?
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A social force is anything in a society with the capability to cause change. Anything that influences people, really. Freedom is a social force in my opinion.
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  • Gina P answered 7 years ago
    These are things created by society that exist separate from the individual and yet affect the individual. Some examples are the media, the economy, social values, religion etc.
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  • Maritza Reyes-andino answered 7 months ago
    Thank you all! :D It makes sense now ^.^
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  • mrsdebra1966 answered 7 years ago
    Lots of different factors. See this site for a long list:


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  • the old dog answered 7 years ago
    Homosexuals are common place and no one thinks any different about it, if you do then you are ostracized and labelled "homophobic". If you think otherwise it is wise to not speak of it and patronize the homosexual community to avoid being socially ostracized.
    You cannot have a cigarette at the back of the theatre anymore, you cannot smoke at the back four seats of the bus anymore, you cannot smoke in a restaurant anymore, you cannot smoke in a bar. You have to be off of the hospital grounds in order to have a cigarette. Society has slowly eroded the freedom of ones choice to have a cigarette in public or in private. You can drink like an alcoholic but no cigarettes.
    So a smoking heterosexual that disagrees with homosexuality is a narrow minded homophobic going to hell with a cancer. According to society. <====((yes I know this is sarcasm)
    These two factors. The allowance of blatant homosexuality, and the laws to discriminate against smokers are brought about by the forces of society. It took about thirty years for this to happen in a planned fight by the social forces of two main lobby groups. But it worked! Now everyone who disagrees with these two examples are basicly social outcasts.
    This is a social force.
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