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I really love hot and spicy food eg curry's etc .What is the hottest curry or dish you can tell me about.?

Lamb or Chicken dish the hotter the better.


Eddie what is the sauce called mate?

Update 2:

Greg put the crayons down time for bed lad.

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    Hottest curries: PHAAL & TINDALOO

    Phaal, sometimes spelt as phall or paal, is an Indian curry dish, red to red-orange in colour. It is widely reputed to be one of the hottest forms of curry available, even hotter than the Vindaloo, with at least 10 or 12 ground chillies included in a standard portion.

    The phaal has achieved a certain degree of notoriety as the hottest generally available dish from Indian restaurants, so much so that many of them do not actually list it on their menus and will only cook it if specifically requested.

    Vindaloo which is prepared using the hotter red chilli powders and phall is made out of ground chillies which may be either red or green. There are different varieties of red & green chillies available in India and vary in potency and colour. The green chillies usually available in general grocery stores in USA are not potent enough. One must try Vietnamese or Thai or Indian grocers while shopping for extra hot chillies.

    Contrary to popular belief, water is not the most effective help in softening the amount of heat received from a curry. Capsaicin, the compound found in chillies which creates the sensation of heat, is lipophilic and therefore dissolves more readily in oils & fats than water. This means that milk or a lassi is the preferred remedy to the discomfort of excess 'heat'.

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    I am a former chef and like the one young lady said the Phal and Tindaloo are the hottest one's around, they started in England when a bunch of guys, Indian and English dared the chef to make a curry so hot not one could stand it, so he used every chili he had in the kitchen, and made the 2 dishes.

    Correct the sauce is made up of between 10-12 and some have dared to add a 13th chili, I had Phal at the Taj Mahal in London England, and it is extremely hot, they ask you to sign a waiver. I have found most of the chilis here in Toronto Canada, but there is one only available wholesale to restaurants and is hard to get, it is a small almost cherry tomato sized one, that dried looks like a raisin, but do not be fooled.

    You have to keep eating any of those mentioned even a milder hot vindaloo, if you stop, drink water or eat a piece of naan, it overpowers you, lassi and fruit juices like orange and pineapple can ease the burn but it take its toll that day and the enxt for sure, I can attest to that, just be prepared for a burn in both directions.

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    I never liked really hot spicy food until I was diagnosed with diabetes...and then because I add a lot of spices just to give my food variety without messing up my carb/sugar intake, I started using a whole lot of really hot spices. I do eat salsas and chili and other things using ghost peppers--the hotness makes me limit how much I eat. But I don't always want really hot spicy food so I sometimes make my food not using any hotness at all. Just depends on how I'm feeling. I'm glad I have the option though.

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    i am from the Caribbean, the hottest dish could be the curry chicken or curry goat. To make these dishes very spicy you should add some habanero or scotch bonnet pepper.These are considered the hottest pepper in the world.

    You may find the curry powder from the Caribbean at the Asian stores or in New york , and even in Dominicks stores in Illinois

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    The owner of a small Indian restaurant asked me how hot I wanted my curried lamb. I said that on a scale of 5 I'd take 5 because I really really like hot stuff - it gets the endorphins flowing!

    He asked me how familiar I was with Indian cuisine because 'their hot was on a different scale'. I said, OK, I'd take a 3.

    I could barely finish the darn dish, it was some of the hottest stuff I've had in my mouth ever and required yogurt to slow the burn!

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    Pork in Hot and Spicy Cayenne Sauce (Vindaloo) Recipe courtesy of Julie Sahni

    1 1/2 pounds boneless pork shoulder or leg

    For the marinade:

    1 tablespoon coriander seeds

    1 teaspoon cumin seeds

    2 teaspoons mustard seeds

    10 dry red chili peppers

    1 teaspoon turmeric

    1/3 cup coconut or red wine vinegar

    1 tablespoon minced garlic

    5 tablespoons mustard oil or olive oil

    1 3inch stick cinnamon

    6 whole cloves

    1 cup finely chopped onions

    1 tablespoon grated or crushed fresh ginger

    1 tablespoon paprika

    1 teaspoon Goan palm sugar or jaggery or maple syrup

    1 cup water

    Coarse salt

    Trim all visible fat off the pork and cut into 1-inch cubes and place in a bowl. Combine coriander, cumin, mustard, and chilies and grind into a fine powder and transfer into a measuring cup. Add turmeric, vinegar, and garlic and mix. Pour the marinade over the pork and rub well. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Heat the oil in a large heavy-bottomed pan over medium/high heat until hot. Add the cinnamon, cloves, and onions, and ginger. Cook until the onions are very soft - do not let them brown - about 5 minutes. Remove pork from the refrigerator and drain, reserving the liquid. Add pork to the onion mixture and cook until the meat is lightly seared. Add paprika, plam sugar, water, salt, and the reserved liquid and bring the contents to a boil. Simmer pork for 1 1/2 hours or until very tender. Serve vindaloo with plain or coconut rice.

    Recipe Summary

    Yield: 4 servings

    User Rating:

    Source(s): Food Network
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    When I lived in Blighty I was an avid curry eater and usually went for vindaloos and I even tried phall but that was a bit too hot for me but now I live in Thailand and boy do they like it hot and I can't even eat the currys that the girls eat they are so bloody hot .

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    I'm married to an Asian lady and the first "hot" thing she cooked had me running to the toilet in less than 2 minutes and needing a skin graft on the roof of my mouth.

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    chicken fal hot hot hot indian meal

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    "Devil shrimps" from Thailand !

    It has the hottes sauce known 2 man.....

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