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Ps3 Games About Call Of Duty 3 And Heavenly Sword?

i will get A Ps3 Soon And Which Game Should I get Heavenly Sword Or Call Of Duty 3 Or Any Other Game Please Request

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    I would recommend Resistance Fall Of Man and Heavenly Sword.

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    Resistance is a better FPS than Call of duty 3, has a good single player game and excellent online.

    Heavenly sword looks gorgeous, and is a good single player game (if a little short.)

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    get call of duty 4 not 3, rainbow six vegas, resistance fall of man, haze, ratchet and clank

    heavenly sword is alright-your thumb will never be able to take a break

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    Resistance fall of man, Clive Barkers Jericho, Heavenly sword (actually rent this one, its quick), ratchet and clank future, warhawk, rainbowsix vegas.

    Jericho and R&C come out end of october, so you should pick em up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    COD3 is better on 360 version. Heavenly sword is weet but too short. I am getting jericho, stranglehold collector, they are better on ps3 version

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    u should get reistince or whatever u spell it its better than heavenly sword and COD3. cuz heavenly sword is wayyyy tooo shortt and COD3 is better on 360

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