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chemisty question---391G of NH3 @ STP?

i dont understand this question.. Please help

It says

Given: 391 g NH3 @ STP

Find: # of N atoms

# of H atoms

please help! thank you! SOOO much!

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    STP is standard temperature and pressure.

    molecular wt of NH3 is 17.

    so avogadro number of molecules of NH3 is present in STP.

    so 17 gms of NH3 contains 6.022X10^22 N atoms

    391 gms of NH3 contains..6.022X10^22X391/17 N atoms

    for H

    17 gms of NH3 contains 3X6.022X1o^22 H atoms

    391 contains 3X6.022X10^22X391/17 H atoms

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