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I have an interview as a security officer in a local hospital, but in all honesty I don't really know what the job description is. I imagine its mostly sitting at a help desk or since they do have security SUV's doing routine checks around the building..anyone ever do this or know anything about the job that can give me a better idea of what I am getting into?


Since security guards always get a bad rap ( you know rent-a-cop...etc.) figured I would add that I have no plans on doing this as a career just something to put some cash in my pocket until I go to police academy in July.

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    Depending on the size of the institution.... here is what they do:

    Work the main areas of the ER to keep the herds of patients under control. Assist in restraining unruly patients brought into to ER for mental issues or drug over dose. Walk the floors of the hospital and make sure weird-Os's are not roaming the halls uninvited. Check that parts of the hospital that are closed for the day / night are secure. Drive the property and parking garages looking for anyone lurking around or for motorist in need.

    I am a cop in a major city and I know plenty of hospital security guards. Most are retired cops.

    Source(s): 25 years on the job.
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    well you will get to stop crackheads escaping the hospital ... hehe and then you will get the ocassional hardass that will beat the crap out of you and stroll out the front while you get fired for being a weakling

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    you're the gate keeper

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