I've lost two Icons on my Nokia 5300 Music Xpress. The Instant Messaging Icon and the other is the Help?

I removed the battery one day and they were not there when I turned it back on. Anyone have any ideas??

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm not 100% sure, heck Im not even 50% sure but I think, there are 3 different ways you could get them back if you havnt already.

    1st: Change your theme.

    --Go to:

    Menu- Fun & Apps- Gallery- Themes. Pick your choice.

    2nd: Download new theme via computer and USB cord.

    --Im not quite sure on Yaoo's Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, so I don't know if I would get in trouble for listing another website, but hey, oh well...

    --Go to:

    http://www.ownskin.com-/ download the theme of your choice- transfer it via USB cord (Make sure when you are selecting your methed of connection you pick "Data Transfer")- after it is on your phone, find it and select it.

    3rd: Get new icons right off your phone. (This might not work depending on your service plan.)

    --Go to:

    Menu- Fun & Apps- Gallery- More Icons

    I hope this information helped.

    -Mattie McLovin

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