Why don't the Deomcrat presidential candidates understand illegal immigration will be their downfall?

All of the democrat candidates are for "a pathway to citizenship" for illegals. Do they not comprehend other Democrats in towns across America do not support this? Illegals have broken the law, and not just when they illegally entered our country. They have used false ID, which is a felony that a citizen would go to prison for doing. They have taken our tax dollars for education, medical, etc, which is not due to them. They have not paid federal withholding tax, which a citizen gets their assets seized by the IRS if they don't file. Instead, Democrats want illegals to have advantages citizens can't have, like not having to pay out of state tuition, grants for education, free medical, etc. Whatever happened to plain old respect for our laws? If enforcement of our laws is selective, there should be no American citizen in prison. We should not be expected to obey laws illegal immigrants don't have to obey.


Douglas & Xuser: I am neither a Dem or Repub., and certainly am not "rooting for the republicans." Many illegals will go back home if our laws were enforced. I would like to see one sensible candidate just say "enforce the laws first, then fix the illegal population problem."

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    To the posters above that want to point fingers at Republicans or ask for links try Numbers USA, or FAIR websites. Look at the voting record of Republicans vs. Democrat. Republicans as a whole tend to vote against illegal immigration and Democrats as a whole vote for it.

    The Republicans that vote for massive illegal immigration are called RINO's (Republicans in name only).

    For those that say we can't deport them all so why try?

    We don't have to deport them. There is a process called attrition through enforcement that has proven effective . In States where they are getting tough on illegals the illegals are LEAVING of their own free will.

    The Democrats that support illegal immigration, which is most of them, do so because they are following a party line that is shortsighted and ill advised. The Democrats are simply pandering to the illegal lobby. Who do you think Hillary's proposed $5,000.00 for every child born here is designed for?

    Democrats are simply trying to buy votes by pandering to the illegal alien lobby. They are counting on the fact that the vast majority of Americans do not engage their brains or invoke the common sense the good lord gave a billy goat. If they did they would be screaming their heads off at ANYONE that supports this nonsense.

    Remember that it was TED KENNEDY that authored the 1986 amnesty and it was TED KENNEDY that PROMISED he would NEVER bring a bill like this before the American people again.

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    Ron Paul doesn't have a chance of winning. He is running at 1% on average in all the state polls. Sorry, but he just doesn't have the political muscle to push forward and win. We know Hillary wont do anything about illegals except give them amnesty. Democrats are just waiting to see if she wins before shoving through an amnesty package. We know Giuliani is of a similar mind to Hillary on this issue, as is John McCain. The only Candidates that will take stand on this issue are either Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson. If Immigration is your issue, then those are your candidates. Sheed - All evidence to the contrary

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    Why say Democrats? Plenty of Republicans also support a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Why is that? Because enforcing your sense of justice is impractical. We have let our border go unguarded for too long. We can't hope to find and capture all of the illegals that have crossed the border. Our only hope is to encourage the illegals to come foward by offering leniency. It might encourage more illegals to try to cross the border, but if we actually guard it this time, that shouldn't be a problem.

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    While most of your points are true, what you fail to realize is that the Democrats feel the "New Americans" will vote Democrat and keep them in power for years.

    If this has a really bad effect on our country it's OK... they'll have their power.

    I guess I'd have to ask you why in the world you would consider yourself a DemocRAT?

    Warm regards,


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    You seem to know so much about the democrat platform, yet you haven't provided any links for the rest of us....

    btw... how do you propose we "get rid" of illegal immigrants ?

    Are you aware that this problem has run rampant mostly under republican control ? It was republican policy all along that allowed millions of illegal immigrants to be hired by corporations like Walmart through various loopholes.....just so long as they didn't attempt to file for an income tax return ?

    You obviously know less than you think you do.

    It's strange to me that you are so passionate about respect for the law, but at the same time you seem to be rooting for Republicans.....who are largely responsible for the NON-ENFORCEMENT that your speaking of.

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    They are politicians. They are trying to conserve themselves for another term. If they let them stay there will not be the backlash. If they kick them out they might prevent them from being elected again. They seem to be more concerned about their power than what is good for the country.

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    1 decade ago

    Both parties are pushing for amnesty against the will of the american people. Lets not forget that Bush's failed amnesty bill. I shouldn't call it failed since they are still trying to pass it piecemeal into law. Its about big business and this is what big business wants-cheap labor.

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    1 decade ago

    There is no such thing as illegal immigration in the USA! We have and always will have certain labor shortages. We've had these shortages since the 1700s and we have these shortages today! Everything in your question is based on hate,fear, racism!

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    1 decade ago

    Don't know, but I'll be glad to see them go! They seem to like to have a minority du jour.

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