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Are you Christopher Paul Neil?

Where are you?

Turn yourself in son.

Better still, have you heard of Beachy Head?


Yes I do wish him harm.

He's the guy with the swirly face recently unmasked by interpol as a prolific seriel sex offender against children.

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    I'm in Bangkok, and I'll tell you now, I doubt that he is dead. He's probably gone either north or south to some smaller village that does not have the coverage that Bangkok would have. Just like last year with John Mark Karr, news agencies invaded the area trying to grab a piece of that story. I'm sure he's been updated on his newly acquired fear of the "long arm of the law" coming for him. They'll get him trying to get into Laos or Cambodia through one of the weaker parolled port or entries. In any event, his acts of abusing young children has come to an emotional end.

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    This guy deserves to be handcuffed and locked in a cell with a rapist so he can know how those poor boys he assaulted felt, let him deal with that every day for the next 50 years, that would be a suitable punishment. What a bastard

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    Your in all probability outstanding mr ring,whats your first determination of reformatory equipment,the in basic terms right selection between cable and information superhighway clinching the deal,whats handed off to reformatory while bread and water meant precisely that

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    Not me! But I'll happily push him off Beachy Head if he's too cowardly to jump!

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    he is hopefully dead in the gutter in Thailand now. Scum like that eventually get what they deserve in the end.

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    what do you want with beahy head? He/she doesnt want to talk to you...

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    oh dear, take it you wish this guy harm.

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