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Beagle puppy training- stop biting?

She is great but she's becoming quite a handful. She's pretty muched potty trained but beginning to get spoiled- she will only poop and pee once on the wee wee pad and then if it's soiled- she will go elsewhere so i'm changing it more often so she doesn't have an accident and praising her when she does her business. She's doing well with that. My question- her teething is getting worse and she loves mommy's hands. If she bites my hands/fingers then i say no, put a chewing toy in her mouth and say "good girl". I'm repeating this method but she doesn't seem to get it. Is there another method i should try to help teach her that fingers/hands are not for biting? I thought i was doing pretty good with her training but i'm starting to feel like a failure. Any suggestions would be great and helpful. FYI: She never learned anything from her mother since she died giving birth to her

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    Perfectly normal behavior, all puppies explore their world with their mouth.

    By your description you are rewarding good behavior without there being a consequence for bad behavior. So you are trying to train the dog with only one half of the formula.

    When the pup puts it's mouth on you wrap your thumb and index finger around it's snout holding it's mouth closed and tell it "no bite" then tell it "here" as you hand it it's chew toy. Be consistent and use this same sequence when the pup chews on shoes or whatever.

    Most important is this is the perfect opportunity to start teaching your puppy HOW to learn.

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  • Dalton
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    Not to bite fingers isn't something she would have learned from her mother anyway. You just need to set her some bounderies. The quickest way I've learned to stop a dog from nibbiling on fingers is to press your thumb into the bottom of her mouth when she starts to bite with your other fingers under her chin to press against. Don't be afraid to press hard. It's not really that painfull, but it's pretty shocking. Tell her no a second before you do it and hold the pressure till she starts to pull away or yells. It's probably not going to be a yell of pain but one of suprise. My dog yells when I sneek up on her. So try that and it should only take twice or so. If it takes alot more then your not pressing hard enough. It just makes them associate bitting hands with a bad sensation. Make sure that she really is bitting and is not just mouthing. Keep in mind that puppies need to chew and give her a variety of things that are okay for her to chew on. Good luck.

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    Puppies are natural chewers & naturally playful. The way they play with their litter mates is to bite. The puppy doesn't realize it is doing anything wrong. It is your job to make her understand that she is. A stern "no" every time she bites should let her know that it is inappropriate behavior. My dogs respond better to "ank" but it isn't exactly a good command. Say no & pull your hand away & don't give the puppy any attention for a few minutes. It may take a while but the puppy will eventually learn that biting earns her your displeasure. Always have plenty of chew toys for puppies. Their teeth hurt & they will chew on anything including furniture.

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    Hmm, it seems like you are going about things the wrong way. See, what you are showing her is: when she bites, she eventually gets a toy. Instead, show her that when she bites, she's not going to get any attention from you. I have two beagles, and when they were puppies and used to nibble on my hands, I would quickly draw my hand away and then ignore them for a few minutes. Puppies like nothing more than attention; that's why she's biting your hand to begin with, and if you don't give her any of it, she'll start to realise it doesn't work. More often than not, they will actually come by to cuddle up and apologise.

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  • Ive trained many a dog . Puppys will bite anything that is put in front of them,plus the love the attention that u give to them. So play with the puppy with the chew toy not with the hands ,fingers.

    You have a puppy that is going to be a hunting dog. You have to be stern with her.

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    I don't like to use aversive techniques if at all possible, so I always try the most non-intrusive first.

    I have found that making the yelping noise, or saying ouch or whatever really loudly and sharply, while pulling my hand away, is the most effective technique. Then I won't play with the pup for a few minutes.

    Good luck!

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    You should never let a dog or any animal play bite with you. Mouthing is the actual term. Hold her on the ground untill she stops biting, do not praise her and wait on her to stop/give up.

    What happens when she gets bigger and wants to play with a young child? The parents of the child will not see that as cute, probably a threat.

  • Anonymous
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    With my two dogs, when they were puppies and would want to nibble on my hands, I would grab their lower jaw... (My hand would be in there mouth and I would grasp their lower jaw) and tell them NO! very firm.

    Then I would put my hand back in the same place that it was before to see if we needed to repeat that step.

    Once they quit going for my hand then i would go for positive reinforcement with at toy or treat.

    Use the word NO often and make sure they learn that one word for everything.

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    This is called the 'Yelping method'

    Every time she nips you, yelp really loud like it *really* hurt you, and turn away from her for ten seconds. Do not acknowledge her. After the time is up, continue playing with her. Do this EVERY time she nips you.

    Most puppies do not realize that the nips hurt - it is what they are used to doing with their litter mates, and when they hurt one of their litter mates - they yelp!

    This really helped a lot with our pug puppy. Now he just licks or "mouths" us instead of nipping.

    You can also try spraying bitters on your hands, but before you go buy something, try the yelping and see how it does. But don't expect miracles - it still takes a while for them to catch on.

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