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why are there more racists in the republican party than in the democratic party?

I have never met a person who says "i am a racist" that is a democrat, but i have met at least a dozen or more that say that proudly and they are all republicans.


ok maxx B.. they are...tom hill, sandy franks, judy black, justin thomas, Tom Branch, harry frederick, sarah John, caressa alumbaugh, james cruse, kyle kent, lee wheeler, and stan wells. among many now lets talk

Update 2:

i would say it is a good cross section of the u.s. because i have lived in chicago, dallas, kansas city, atlanta, New york, Miami, washington d.c., and seattle

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    Backwards; the Republicans don't support racist programs such as affirmative action that are designed to keep minorities dependent and infer that they cannot compete with white Americans so need an artificial boost.

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    The real agenda of the Republican Party has mostly to do with the concentration of wealth and power, and rewarding big campaign contributors. This is not something most people would support! So the GOP gets ahead by the use of 'wedge' issues to divide people, to set groups of Americans against each other.

    In the last 50 years or so the GOP has instigated, encouraged and exploited not just racism but every kind of intolerance. Religious intolerance, nativism and xenophobia, homophobia, you name it. A goodly number of Republican voters have no real understanding of the political issues but vote Republican because they want them to keep the blacks and other minorities in their place.

    The Democratic Party was racist at one time. During the Civil War, of course, and later, when unions were strong and conspired to keep racial minorities and immigrants out of the job market. But since FDR, the Republicans have tried to paint the Democrats as 'the party of black people'.

    The Republicans were also anti-Hispanic until they realized, a few years ago, that Hispanic populations are growing so fast in the big states of the West and Southwest that they need some Hispanic votes. So they've softened their anti Hispanic rhetoric and are 'reaching out' to Hispanics. Thankfully, not many Hispanics have been fooled.

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    I had a coworker who once told me he would never vote for a Republican because they stole land from the white plantation owners and gave it to the blacks after the civil war. Most of the worse racist I knew are Democrats. Those who advertise their racism are stupid. The ones I know move up to high position to enforce their racist beliefs.

    PS Hillary is a cultural racist and wish to bully foreign coutries into following AMerican Culture. IE her speech on the UN Womans conference in China that caused massive protest by Muslims. It's not our place to tell foreign cultures how to live their lives.

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    Racism has no political bent.

    Don't demonize Republicans (disclosure: I'm an avowed independent voter) in this way because of a few bad apples. I'm sure there are a few Democrats who will not vote for Obama because of his race.

    Social agenda isn't the only reason people support members of a political party.

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    I suppose that could have nothing to do with where you live or who you've spoken to, right? Do you really think you little corner of the world is an accurate cross section of the entire United States population?

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    You are blinded by political-hypnosis. The first name that comes to my mind is Robert "KKK" Byrd. By the way, he's a demon-crat! Now... continue to stumble around in your left-wing trance and don't forget to finish your Kool-Aid!

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    Let me know who they are and we will talk. Until then you are just another leftist playing the race card.

    You get a "B" for boring!!!!!

    I guess the next question is why are there so many Democrats who are race baiting morons incapable of having a thought that runs deeper tan a bumper sticker.

    You have managed to get even more boring.

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    lol I could bring names out of the air too so yours don't prove anything but their is one senator, Senator Bird (D) who was a proud member of the clan for years.

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    You really are. You won't say it because you need the black vote to even get into the race. Imos is a "demon"crat, most of your rappers are too. They use the "N" word daily.

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    Who knows, the KKK was formed to fight the Republicans in the first place. LOL.

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