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michelle asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

wt is the old stone age landaship & lanuge???

i will have a oral exam on the history lesson,

title is ''landaship & language''.

i ve find about this title already,but they are all talk about games!!!

can you please help me !!!!


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    The prehistoric age appears before the writing invention, the time has the history which the writing records to be long. The first human first ancestors who discovered east Africa, was about 4,000,000 years ago, but the wisdom person appeared 2,000,000 years ago (modern race belongs to wisdom person). Because at that time the humanity used the tool which the stone makes, therefore this time is called by the Stone Age.

    Stone Age later period

    The Stone Age may divide into several stages, various different explanations, is approximately divides into the paleolithic period and the Neolithic Age. Regarding paleolithic period's time, the view mostly is from the skillful person appears before the B.C. 11,000 millenniums, the paleolithic period may divide into the early time, the intermediate stage, the later period, the scholar thought that the paleolithic period later period probably is 40,000 B.C. ago.

    The paleolithic period later period already had the developed artware, take the grotto art as typical representative, is likely north Spain with the French south cavern in discovered that has many drawing, perhaps these drawing are create for the religion perhaps other reasons. The paleolithic period uses tool, to later period manufacture method on Vietnam for fine, the size also jump over to dexterously, the manufacture material also no longer limits to the stone, is likely animal's bone, wooden prime also becomes the manufacture the material. But because these materials are easy to destroy, is not easy to preserve, therefore the present discovery are not many. The old time later period's biggest one kind of innovation is appliance's type increases, this kind of progress reflected the humanity already more and more could adapt the environment vicissitude.

    Humanity's basic life style, as if is maintaining in the paleolithic period later period not any change. In fact in 11000 B.C., all human society moves about in search of pasture; Perhaps a young group of person, does not surpass 12 individuals, does not stop migrates from a place to another place, hunts and gathers their food. Because their survival depends upon the local environment supply completely, therefore they cannot long-time treating in any place. Therefore, such society has not left behind in the archeology record which continues, enables us to be possible to rely on to trace their culture the development. Therefore we regarding these early time human society's knowledge are very limited.

    Source(s): Me JannetLai
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  • 1 decade ago

    No la, I am Cheryl Lo! I have searched the information with Jannet Lai already!!!

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