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請將下列內容翻譯成英文 謝謝






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    Ministry of Education youth information will labor transport business center Director Wu Zhaoming indicated, more and more draws close in the nowadays in the utility society, the domestic technical college participates in the ministrant mass organization and the will labor proportion dropped year by year, this also reflected under the macroenvironment the Taiwan young people's values and the field of vision deviation, we hoped because of encourages the youth scholar to penetrate the will labor the service participation, studies the correct citizen values.“Drafts in this time the Chinese automobile original dream will labor chooses the plan”, penetration enterprise resources taking from a surplus to supply an insufficiency with the summons, believed will be able to have very big being of help to this forward strength, we expected the young scholars will participate in the will labor service together, will study the specialized application in will create in others happiness!

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