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我是新進的員工 我是國貿助理


請問我要說些什麼呀?? 該跟他聊些什麼呢? 因為星期一也是我上班的第一天 所以我對工作不了解 對產品也不熟,可以跟老外聊些什麼東西呢??

plz do me a favor!!!!!!!!!!!tks :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    我是新進的員工 我是國貿助理


    請問我要說些什麼呀?? 該跟他聊些什麼呢? 因為星期一也是我上班的第一天 所以我對工作不了解 對產品也不熟,可以跟老外聊些什麼東西呢??

    In my opinion if you do not know anything about your company product do not “b-u-l-l s-h-i-t” and talk rubbish with them in the office. You customer is not going or interested to waste their time talking about family or hobby in the meeting after taking a flight all the way from Europe. You are going to let your company and yourself “loose face” in front of everybody.

    If you want to talk about causal things (Taiwan culture, place of interest, food etc) make it over lunch or dinner time if you have one with them.

    I do suggest that clarify with your boss what is his plan for you next week when the customer visits your company. If you boss is smart enough chances he will not get you involve in the product presentation or serving the customer with product related matter. But if there is any reason he want you to do so, I suggest that find out what you need to do. And if you accepted the task, ask for product brochure and study through over the weekend.

    If you are only sit in, in the product introduction section then just introduce yourself with, name, position and working for which department.

    But if you are going to do product introduction or presentation the only way is to study hard your product brochure and ask you boss any question within these 2 days.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    since it is going to be your first day in the company , you can talk anything you want except the company products.(You don't have any idea of your company's products at this moment ). You might not be the first one to entertain customer , but you could be later requested to join them.Of course , you have to introduce yourself first:

    1. Good morning , my name is " Judy "

    It is common people exchange name cards in such occasion.

    2. sorry, this is my first day in the company , I don't have a name card.

    You are not able to cut in the conversation when it comes to a product related topic, however, chatting still play a major role.

    3. Since this is your first meeting with this customer, you might have time to present more of yourself such as

    your family / hobbies / marital status / where do you live / what did you study in college / how you get to work /your past working experience and lot of things about yourself. You may also raise question likewise.

    4. If you do have chance to dominate the conversation, you may ask something about your customer's home country like : his family/ hometown / what does he usually do in his leisure time /climate in his hometown / culture / education.

    A good conversation definitely is not based on bilateral questions and answers .

    If your English is good enough to carry out a conversation , you can think in this way " you are talking to regular friends" except the language spoken is " English" , then a favorable conversation with good atmosphere is expected. .

    2007-10-17 15:37:34 補充:

    客戶當然不會老遠跑來 聽一位新人 介紹產品或談生意 , 你只要花時間在一般應對便可.

    我的經驗是: 除了簡短會議中使用"正式" 語言外 , 其餘時間都在打屁talk rubbish. 尤其是客戶停留時間長時..

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