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英文課本裡的一些問題 ~急 ~20點

1.When and how do you address people formally?

2.What are some do’s and don’ts for table manners?

3.What are some taboo conversation topics?



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    1. Names - How to address people

    Address people of your approximate age and status by first name. This would apply to fellow students and neighbors.If the other person is clearly older than you, you should use Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms. and the last name of that person. If the older person asks you to use his or her first name, do so. The older person will likely address you by your first name. Ms. (pronounced "Mizz") is used for both unmarried and married females. If you are not sure whether a woman is married, then use Ms.If a person has a title such as Doctor or Dean, use that title and the last name.Americans' ready use of first names to address one another may make it appear that they are oblivious to differences in age and status. They are not. There are subtle differences in vocabulary and manner, depending upon the relationship between the people involved. For example, an American is less likely to use slang or obscenities when speaking to a person who is older and/or whom he or she does not know well.

    2.Table Manners

    *Don't pick up the soup bowl and drink from it.

    *Don't reach across the table for some kind of food. Please ask someone to pass a dish to you.

    *Don't put bones on the table. Just leave them on your plate.

    *Don't talk and laugh with food in your mouth.

    *Don't use your napkin to clean your face. Just put it on your lap.

    3. Taboo conversation topics


    Religion / Politics / Personal issues / Money


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