what is the diffrence between ssi and ssd?

can the child of a person who is recieving ssi or ssd, recieve benefits based on the parents info? and if yes how is it so? parent is not yet deceased.

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  • Jan
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    1 decade ago
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    SSD is given to people who have worked the required amount of time and paid into the system. 40 quarters of work is required,which is 10 years.

    SSI is given to people who haven't worked enough quarters to qualify for SSD. SSI payments are almost always lower.

    A child can receive benefits from their parents disability claim if they are receiving SSD. These benefits end when the child turns 18 or graduates from HS.

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    i recieve ''ssd''..social security disability for work related injuries occured over 40 yrs on the job...i am the only person in my family that gets any perks..my income is based on my many years in the work force..i do get pay raises every january based on cost of living..luckily i am a vet and also get hospitalization and perscription coverage..ssd and ssi people get medicare and or medicade based on their ss income...ssi you could qualify for food stamps and medical perks for you children if youn enough..check to see which gives you and your family the best..

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