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Anonymous asked in HealthOther - Health · 1 decade ago

how long does marijuana need to sit in alcohol in order for the THC to be released?

its in an airtight bottle of 1/4 of a handle or so and there is around 2 grams in the bottle


the ganja is sitting in mcormick vodka

Update 2:

the ganja is sitting in mcormick vodka

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  • 1 decade ago
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    cannabis sativa plant is oil soluble, most would consider this a waste of weed

    but heres the recipe


    One may extract the active ingredients from marijuana using alcohol and then use this tincture to make a potent drink. The highest proof alcohol available should be used, preferably 190 proof grain alcohol, since the water in the alcohol will dissolve other chemicals in the marijuana that one wishes to avoid. Some suggest soaking the grass in warm water for a period to remove those chemicals but that presents a whole host of other and is not really recommended. One may simply place the marijuana into a bottle of grain alcohol and let the canabanoids leach out, but this takes 2-3 weeks of time. A faster method is to heat the alcohol to sub-boiling and stir in the marijuana. Great deal of care should be taken if this method is chosen as the alcohol is highly flammable. The resulting tincture, often called "Green Dragon", is a light to emerald green liquid, which can be drunk straight, but this is not recommended. Highly lauded is a drink of 3 parts lemon lime soda, 1 part green dragon and a dollop of honey served over ice.

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    what is this i have never heard of it, i am very curious, whats it do

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