The Prison Death Penalties in 2007?

Hello, I'm wondering what the death pentalties are in 2007. Does the electric chair still exist? Do they have new methods or what?

I'd like to get caught up.

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    The death penalty is a state by state standard. Some states have the penalty some don't. I believe that for the most part states that have it use lethal injection. I think that this is the preferred choice of execution for states that have the death penalty. Some states still have other forms of execution still on the books that are available to be used, such as electrocution or firing squad. This is not the case in the military. Although not has not been used in a while, technically you can still be hanged in the military.

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    They only use lethal injection now, which sucks. The guy who decapitates a person who is alive gets a shot of poison while he is asleep. Also since what ever year that the states decided whether to keep death penalty there has only be like 370 in Texas.

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    Only one state (Nebraska) uses the electric chair, exclusively.

    Here is the website that lists the methods that are authorized in the states that allow the death penalty

    Source(s): is the best site for all kinds of information about the death penalty in practice.
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    They use lethal injection now

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    depends on where you are but, lethal injection is the most common.

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