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Low iron/B12?

Low iron/B12?

I have been receiving B12 shots for the past month and a couple weeks ago when i went to the doctor, she checked my iron levels and said i had improved 20% (my levels were REALLY low), but a couple weeks later, i'm starting to feel tired again (and im still taking my shots) - could my levels be going down again so fast? please help.

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    Extra vitamin C will help to absorb more iron.

    There is lots of iron in liver. The iron in red meat is absorbed well. There is also plenty of iron in oysters and mussels and a reasonable amount nuts and most seeds and a bit in bread, cereals and muesli and also spinach and broccoli.

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    Well you do not state your gender. If you are taking iron supplements, try taking with vitamin C as this will increase absorption or eat red meat. Are you a vegan? If you are male and anemic and iron deficiency anemia cannot be explained away by diet, then it is time to look for occult bleeding. The colon is the first place to look. Occult bleeding is internal bleeding with no outward(hidden) signs. If you are female and IDA cannot be explained away by diet, then perhaps it is heavy menstrual flow contributing to the low iron. In females this is the second most common cause next to diet. Did I mention diet is the most common cause of IDA.

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    Your fatigue could be from lots of things, not just anemia. Maybe you are not getting good sleep at night. Maybe your diet is inadequate. If your doctor hasn't run any other tests besides iron, you may want to suggest it to her. Thyroid issues, low or high sugar levels in your blood can make you feel really tired too, among lots of other things. Sounds like you need to go back to her, voice your concerns, and ask for a complete chemistry work-up.

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    I would suggest you try a product called Liquid Chlorophyll this will help to bring your iron levels up slowly and and keep them there. With you still feeling so rough I would go back to my Dr. and have then redo your blood work. SOmething else could be going wrong. Not to mention to much iron can harm your liver. So take the natural supplement it can't hurt you and get our blood checked.

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    I have had a similar problem with always feeling tired. Diet and exercise do help however I have been taking a liquid form of the B12 vitamin and it really helps.


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    Any number of things can cause tiredness.

    it could be negative environmental factors, does it happen at the same time or place every day?

    or even negative consumption factors, what is your diet like? do you drink things like coffee and soda?

    are you getting enough sleep at night? are you a shift worker, are you getting enough sun?

    there are also some things that can deplete our stores of iron, certain teas can. do you over consume anything specific or take any recreational drugs?

    Leafy green vegetables are a great source of many nutrients, including iron and vitamin c. lentils and beans are also a good source of iron.

    you could also be having trouble with blood glucose levels, too much sugar in the day when the nervous system is supposed to be in its 'work' mode can throw it out of that state into 'rest' mode.

    i try to eat energy food like carbs with dinner as they make me tired. bread, pasta, rice, muesli, i have most of them after 5pm.

    during the day i eat mainly things like mixed green veggies, sprouts, avocado, nuts and seeds.

    veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds are great for a readily available source of energy that doesnt have a big sugar price tag. the sugar in fruit is fructose and doesnt effect blood glucose levels and the healthy fats in nuts and avocados can be burned straight away and are good for us too.

    you could also not be consuming enough calories, often i have muesli after dinner, which is a good way to get enough energy for the next day, and its got a lot of fiber too.

    Good Luck : )

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