Difference between positive and negative logic?

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I am taking a digital logic class and we need to know how to use negative logic but they haven't done a very good job of teaching this so I am a little confused. For example, ...show more
Update : I would like a detailed view of how to represent using negative logic.
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Negative logic is just like positive logic, only the desired output is a logic 0 instead of a logic 1. For example, an AND gate gives a logic 1 for both inputs being logic 1. A NAND gates gives a logic 0 for both inputs being a logic 1.

Simple as that! Just assume the desired output, when the input conditions are met, is a 0 instead of a 1.

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Not very detailed.
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  • ZXSpectrumDX!! answered 7 years ago
    In negative logic, logic 1 ls a low and logic 0 is a high, so just replace L with 1 and H with 0 and simplify the same way
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