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I am planning to apply for a cash advance/short term loan.?

What kind of information will the creditor verify with my employer. What will they verify with my employer?

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    Check you local Sunday newspaper for a 0% interest credit card. See if you qualify for a cash advance with low or now fees. Typically the rate lasts for 6 months.

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    Getting in to debt is horrible, and you want to put yourself into more debt. But that's your choice. so there is provident who do cash loans, but their interest rate is a joke. If you have a loan off them for £500 you have to pay back £850 over 52 weeks. They come every week to collect the money from your door. Or you could try a credit union. All this said........ that's if you from UK. Only use the below if you really are that desperate, because they are expensive

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    What kind of cash advance? PLEASE DO NOT GO TO A PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY!!!!!!!

    I know about these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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