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How do you close the portal the ouija board opens?


ok someone who believes in the ouija board please answer this question

Update 2:

well read about how to attrat spirits to your ouija board so i took out a quater like it said to do if you were using it alone and light a lighter and moved it repeatedly over the quater then i invited a spirit to speak with me and abracadabra i could feel a presance and i heard it a few times i know i just dont give up

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    When you are using the ouija board, it is actually you that is doing the channeling, the board is just the device- you become the portal.

    Most people say that if you are going to use one of these boards you should place a silver coin on the board and this will not allow any evil spirits to pass over to our realm.

    Also, make sure if you are communicating with any spirits, to say goodbye to them at the end of the session. If you don't say goodbye, and also if the spirit doesn't it may mean that they are trying to stick around. Never invite a spirit to enter anything- whether it be your home, or a body. It won't want to leave.

    Another safety measure is to draw a circle around the board and those using it, or make a circle of candles. Concentrate on making that a safe/ protected space, and many believe that spirits will not want to enter that area.

    The easiest way to close the portal- don't use the Ouija board!! They can be dangerous, and most paranormal investigators/ ghost enthusiasts don't advocate it's use.

    Source(s): Personal ouija use and experience, and co-forming a paranormal group
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    Ouija Board Portal

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    Ok if your talking about the portal that releases the good/bad spirite & you or your friend(who ever is using/used the wiji or as you called it ouija board) has already release the spirite then you've/your friend's pretty much screwed you're/there self/(sorry that wasn't really helping)at least for a while anyway,ok here's what you do i have never had any personal experiences with ouija boards but i do know that there's of stuff about to let you know that you shouldn't be screwin' with them,but in order to get rid of the spirit/s or close the portal as you put it you must immediatly call an Exorcist to call off the spirite/s even if the spirite is good cause you don't honestly want a ghost around the house right i really hope that helps.

    Source(s): My personal knowledge not experience.
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    There is no "portal" developed by the Ouija board. The Ouija board and planchette only amplify any talents you, as operator bring to the board. You must learn to control any talents you have. If you are not dark, but full of love for humankind and yourself, so shall the Ouija react and show to all. If you have an inner darkness it will be amplified by the board. The Board cannot lie, only the users of the board are capable of lying.

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    okay you've opened a portal, is strange stuff happening? Did you use the black/white candles that I said was helpful the other question? Well if you did that and still there is a portal then grab some water in a cup or bowl and pray over it to be pure. grab some salt and pray over it to be safe and pure. mix them together praying for pureness and protection. I'd sprinkle it in a circle where you used the Ouija bored. I'd also pray to something like this. "Spirits of peace and protection come to me, cleanse this place that is hallowed to me. cleanse the earth and the air, keep these spirits outta my hair." I mean of course you can pray to what you believe in or you can check this website for more info.

    Source(s): Personal experience and knowlege
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    the best thing is i going to say it again, my dear princess, don't play if u don't know what will happen, and i m sorry i give u a start and u want to know how to close it? it cant be close if i used goodbye, the spirit may not want to leave then u are in trouble.

    i know by experience, that is what happen to my friend she tried sent it "Him" away, and the spirit won't go she got frighten and the evil spirit can sense her and proses her and she wanted to take my friend soul with "Him" and we have to act fast before he really took her soul.

    The person who preform the exoticism said to us burn the board, my friend was free from evil spirit not she has hearing the voice of the man calling her ever once in a while, they wont leave until they got what they want.

    Pls dont play with the Ouija board,

    Source(s): The board is a ticket from hell to the living world dont open a passage for them to come in pls
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    For the best answers, search on this site

    get a candle, you your mother and sister need to sit in a circle around it and gaze into the flame repeat exactly what you want to happen. Imagine a white light enclosing your house and vanquishing the portal and spirits, all of you need to be clear and precise on your demands and all of you need to imagine the same thing happening and focus like you have never focused b4. It will take all 3 of you to close it cuz 3 of you opened it

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    Get rid of it.

    I'm not one to believe in supernatural stuff, but I've seen weird ouija activity before...

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    You do realize that a ouija board is just a game. The movements that you saw and felt were from all of the players nerves... it is not real.

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    It is not a portal, but you are attracting stuff that may not be willing to leave.

    It is best not to fool with stuff you are not prepared to deal with.

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