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if this sport is so popular why does the USA watch more Fishing than MLS.?

and who cares about Beckham..?

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    Each to their own. Yanks probably watch more fishing purely because they are unwilling or unable to understand football.

    I like NFL, but I do get frustrated with the continual stop/start and the adverts - a one hour game that actually lasts for close on 3 hours is sometimes difficult to stay awake through (bearing in mind it's on very late over here).

    At least football doesn't have those interruptions. Perhaps Yanks can't go for a whole 45 minutes without having something to eat !

    As for Beckham - indeed who does care? We're sick to the eye teeth of him and his stick-insect pouty wife over here in the UK - that's why we were quite happy to see him bugger off to Spain and now over to you lot for a small fortune.

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    According to most soccer fans people think that we are uneducated on the greatness of soccer. To me it is just not all that interesting. Watching people kick a ball around for three hours with no score... this is why football (NFL type) is more exciting, it's violent, there are usually people always doing something (such as scoring). Basketball too it is more of a fast pace, which is what americans seek, fast paced action, this is why boxing is beginning to take a back seat to UFC there is more action in it.

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