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Does a "female condom" (diaphram i think??) ......?

...protect against AIDS and STD's???

My Husband refuses to wear a condom.

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    The Reality® female condom is NOT the same thing as a diaphragm. A diaphragm is a device that covers the uterine cervix and blocks the passage of sperm from the vagina into the rest of the reproductive tract. It CANNOT protect against STDs and HIV. It is solely used for contraception (and knowing a few "diaphragm babies" as friends, I don't think it's a great method).

    The Reality® female condom is a closed polyurethane tube that is inserted into the vagina. It can protect against most STDs including HIV (but is not fully effective against herpes and HPV, which are passed via direct skin contact). It is also effective as a contraceptive device.

    When used with water-based lubricant, the Reality® female condom is actually pretty comfortable for both partners. I've tried it and liked it. The only drawback is that it costs anywhere from $1 to $3 dollards each.

    The real question is: Why can't you and your husband come to an agreement about your safer sex methods?

    If you can't come to an agreement, that's a bigger matter altogether. This isn't a petty argument between people -- it's about caring about each other's health and well-being.

    I hope you and your husband can agree on using the female condom. While you're at it, you should both incorporate semi-annual STD screens as part of your regular health check-up routine. It's not about proving you'll find something, it's about proving that you're both okay.

    Source(s): I work for your friendly local health department.
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    I hope this helps...

    The Female Condom – Worn by the woman, this barrier method keeps sperm from getting into her body. It is made of polyurethane, is packaged with a lubricant, and may protect against STDs, including HIV. It can be inserted up to 24 hours prior to sexual intercourse. Female condoms are 79 to 95% effective at preventing pregnancy. There is only one kind of female condom, called Reality, and it can be purchased at a drug store.

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    A female condom is a device that is used during sexual intercourse. It is worn internally by the receptive partner and physically blocks ejaculated semen from entering that person's body. Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs—such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV). Female condoms have been available now for over 15 years.

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