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New trend is saying "your history books suck" to Turkish people.?

Apparently according to you guys Turkish history books don't teach the right things. "You are soooo cultured and apparently made a lot of researches"!!!! (or watch TV and read wikipedia a lot)

How come you are sure that your history facts are not based on lies? Because for me this is the answer you give when you can not find answer to certain questions.

Are you all historians or working with historians? Have you read all the history books existing to decide what is right or wrong?


Yes and they are neglecting the part that nobody stays with school history books. (that's what THEY do i am sure) Most of us read every writer, every opinion while these people are only reading one sided books.

Update 2:

Thank you for the sources i think these will be helpful for them. And i am thinking of giving a "geography bookor a map" as a gift.

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    I note that you are protesting which is very good indeed but alas I have put pages and pages of well sourced non Turkish Documentation up and the Armenians continually report non - contentious answers and have them deleted, however I continue along on my merry little way :)) so here I go again try these history books;-

    Armenia Secrets of a "Christian" Terrorist State The Armenian Great Deception Series - Volume 1 Samuel A. Weems St John Press Dallas 2002

    Armenian Claims and Realities Dr Husamettin Yildirim Sistem Ofset Publications Ankara 2001

    Armenian Massacres in Van, Bitlis, Mus, and Kars Interview with Witnesses Prof Azmi Suslu, Dr Gulay Ogun & M Torehan Serdar Social and Strategical Research Foundation 2000

    Death and Exile The Ethnic Cleansing of Ottoman Muslims 1821 - 1922 Professor Justin McCarthy The Darwin Press Inc Princeton New Jersey 1999

    The Armenian Massacres in Ottoman Turkey a Disputed Genocide Guenter Lewy University of Utah Press Utah 2005

    Find out what Armenian Premier Senin Ovanes Kacaznuni said in 1923 Dashnak Party Conference in Bucharest-Romania, about Armenian treachery. Available from ISBN 975-343-438-3 or from TPK

    You may peruse, by author Holdwater & The “Armenian Research” Foundation

    Read on internet, written by a British officer in 1916 – the portrayal of Anatolian Armenian character

    films to watch are:

    "The Armenian Revolt 1894-1920" documentary DVD by Third Coast Films, P.O. Box 664, Clarion, PA 16214, USA, (by an American Director) This is a MUST !!


    "Sari Gelin' documentary DVD through (maybe available on eBay) (by a Turkish Director)

    have a look at by Turkish Armenians (including free downloadable books and automatic translation of site text into several languages),


    ISBN 1=4243=1004-0 (obtainable from, (Turkish author)

    "MYTH OF TERROR' by late Erich Feigl (1986)Zeitgeschichte/Bucherdienst Austria (Austrian Author) which contains the signatures of 63 foreign Academics refuting the Armenian claims

    ALL THIS INFORMATION and much much much more all they can say is you are making it up nah nah nah :) Yeah good onya Alana and your inbred relatives.

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    What was the name of the war ship sunk near Japan? The one whose soldiers were rescued by the Japanese? Well, after that, I don't know we had any relations other than the mundane. As of today, Japan is an exporter of goods, we are an importer. We have Japanese classes in some technical universities (some of my friends took them as extra, where I took history of art). Our kids watch Japanase cartoons. We have some Japanese tourists come for culture tourism. So, it seems, we are mostly at the receiving end of those relations. Maybe, with time, when/if Japanese take an interest in Turkish history and culture, we may start sending goods and people. Oh, and there was the Last Samurai the series of course. With Richard Chamberlain? We had learned quite a few Japanese words then.

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    It's all down to "self-knowledge". They don't ask themselves how much THEY actually know. I never use cliche sentences like "you are so f*cking ignorant. Don't talk to me. You don't read anything. Get a life. They don't teach you history in your country" etc. I always say "You are ignorant because...They don't teach you history because..." and then I present them what I know. Of course because I do not credit sites like wikipedia or any other propagandistic sites so as you might guess I do not use them. I am so sick and tired of seeing wikipedia links at the end of the answers submitted by Armenians. I am a person who reads a lot and spends much of her time in a library so they just seem so pathetic and ignorant to be frank to me. Not that I claim that I know very much, I am trying to emphasize on the actual process of acquiring knowledge. I am always impressed by a person who follows his/her intellect, Armenian or not, but sadly they do not offer me anything that would make me respect them or at least take into consideration what they write.

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    It seems to me that those YA users are held to argue like that.

    Someone or some organisation tells them to do so. Seeing that a few of them have more than one account, it is inevitable that you get similar pointless arguments.

    They don´t argue for any reason. They don´t spam the Turkish section to state a historical fact either. They are solely trying to carve the word genocide into people´s brains, no matter how shallow their arguments may be.

    Unfortunately some of them are Greeks and some are Armenians that have not once been to Armenia. They are after the millions of dollars they could get through their 100 years old Oma, who as an infant might have once lived in Turkey, should their genocid-lie ever entitle them to charge modern age Turks.

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    opps! these are not our's history books!

    1) Dashnagtzoution Has Nothing to Do Anymore

    Author : Hovhannes Katchaznouni

    ISBN No : 975-343-453-7

    2) Le Parti Dachnak N'a Plus Rien A Faire

    Author : Hovhannes Katchaznouni

    ISBN No : 975-343-458-8

    3) Für Die Dascnakzutyun Gibt Es Nichts Mehr Zu Tun

    Author : Hovhannes Katchaznouni

    ISBN No : 975-343-454-5

    4) Die Konterrevolutionaere Rolle Der Daschnakzutjun Partei (1914-1923)

    Author : A.A.Lalayan

    ISBN No : 975-343-479-0

    please be carefull ,istanbullu arkadaş!


    please read this news about wikipedia!

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    I agree 100% with KangarooGenocide and SultanMurat.

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    Another very good question and answers (except 1 for the time being), starred and up-thumbnailed.. Thank you for document links...

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    Our everything will suck very bad until we recognize the lies they tell.

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    Well they don´t have their own and of course other books will have to suck, couse they don´t tell them what they want to read.

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    I can safely say that asıl onların history books suck.

    And I'm saying this with utmost cool. :)

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