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The United States Constitution...?

Why do we have the President to take an oath to up-hold the US Constitution...if we don't really want him to?


JM...If that is true...Why is Bush still in POWER?

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    Well, I'm kind of surprised that no one has yet pointed out that Article IV of the Constitution states:

    The senators, Representatives,and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive, {Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Governors,} and judicial officers both of the United States and the several states, shall be "BOUND"{emphasis added"} by oath or Affirmation, TO SUPPORT THIS CONSTITUTION;

    The U. S. Constitution is also known as "The Supreme Law of the Land," therefore when anyone has not followed the guidelines set forth in the Constitution they are """LAW BREAKERS"""!!!

    Now, how can a breaker of the Constitutions laws be reprimanded?

    The other elected officials are supposed to enforce the Constitutional law, with added pressure from an outraged general public!

    The way the Presidents openly subvert the Constitution is to put the whole country in a "State of War", which gives themselves emergency war powers. War on drugs, war on poverty, wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, etcetra.

    And since these latest wars have begun Mr Bush has added significant un-Constitutional powers to his Presidential position.

    Anyone reading please pass on these words!

    Hope For America!

    Elect Ron Paul!!!

    Thank you


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    That is a smart observation, Curio.

    The presidential oath, just like all the other oaths of Congressmen and Senators, have become just an act or a sham to keep the resemblance of the old Republic. What we now have is an Empire, with dynasties vying for power - the Bushes, the Kennedys, and the Clintons, etc.

    The presidential oath has become a 'tradition' that is only 'for show', and nothing more. Once the dynasties are in power, they forget the oath, and do whatever they want.

    It is us, as the people of the United States, that is to blame, because we let them. We let them break the oath. We let America leave the Old Republic behind and change into an Empire.

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    In actuality he takes an oath now to uphold "democracy" and all of its "legal jargon" and since "legal" is an adjective meaning "pursuant to law" nobody ever has been able to distinguish between the two because everyone now(or at least a very big majority) greww up believing that "democracy " is the real US of A not realizing for one second that it is a mere incorporated cloaking blanket which envelops our "constitutional representative republic" and has kept it truly hidden from several generations. True freedom and independence(if and/or when restored) may be a very huge shock to most. Honestly, i wouldn't mind that shock. Our current system(if you don't play or conform to the powers that be and you have independent but successful venture in design and applications, but dont wish to give the power of their capabilities to the elitist few to use against humanity will most suredly be shut down, locked up and hidden so none ever really knows or can experience what kind of real benefits they can offer to mankind). To me that's socialism. Not good at all. That became self evident to me several months after president Bush referred to it as just a "goddamned piece of paper". And for a while i thought the same thing myself, because i believed we the people are the "constitution" but i was seeing it through what i grew up believing was "democracy" as well and from what i had learned and been taught. but nothing could be further from the truth. "We the people" can change the constitution", but we are(right now and have for several decades been led to form another government(socialist in design and principle) to opertae and successfully our free republic given to us by our founding brethren.

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    Most people do want him or her to follow it. Before WW2 people tried unsuccessfully to get an amendment passed that a national vote would have to be taken, and going to war approved by majority. Would love to see something like that.

    During Iran Contra War Reagan violated constitution and should have been impeached. That's only time this person can recall.

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    Who doesn't want The President to "uphold and defend" the Constitution?

    No one I know.

    But I don't know you, so there ya go.

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    You may not want him to. But most people do.

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