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What are the best ways of preparing to move house?

Thank you for all your advice!

It will be very helpful!

Take care!

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    Get as many boxes as you can and fill them! It makes it so much easier to move when everything is boxed away.

    Make sure you label every box respectively with 'Kitchen', Bedroom, etc - so you don't have to keep opening them.

    Always have a box separate with the kettle, tea & coffee, mugs, etc - it's one of the most important things.

    The first room to set up is the bedroom - when you get there, assemble the bed, and make up the bed. You will get to a point where you are so knackered that you can't go on - and the last thing you want to be doing after all that moving and unpacking is starting to make the bed.

    Good luck - hope some of this helps!!

    Source(s): Have moved house tooooo many times to mention!!
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    Plan ahead!

    Throw away everything you can - old bills, broken this and that that you never got around to fixing. Save the ragged towels, old blankets, etc - they can be used as padding.

    Sell what you can in yard sales, rummage sales, etc, or donate good used items to charity, Goodwill, etc.

    Box up and label everything you don't need for day to day living. Label the box with the contents, and what room it goes to in the new house.

    Make up one or two boxes with basic housekeeping supplies to be unpacked first at the new house. This will have things like toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, new toothbrushes, towels, wash cloths, paper plates and cups, plastic silverware, kleenex, a few spare light bulbs, aspirin, any routine medical supplies, etc. This is the place to put stuff that you don't want to search for in 200-some boxes of stuff. Then keep these boxes with you, or make them easily accessible on the truck so that they are unloaded first when you arrive at the new place.

    Make a list of all the businesses that need to be contacted - utilities, doctors, dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, banks, credit card companies, pharmacists/chemists shops, etc. Go through all your recent bills to see who you've dealt with to get more for the list. Write down their name, phone number, address, account number, etc, so you can contact them and file a change of address, cancel services, etc.

    Find the address and phone # for the utility companies in the new area, so you can start services there also.

    Notify the postal service of the change of address, and ask that all mail get forwarded to the new address.

    Contact the vet for advice about moving pets. Dogs may be OK for the ride. Cats may get very upset. Ask about tranquilizers for the animals, and test them ahead of time if you get them. A friend found out the hard way on the drive to the new home that his cats were allergic to the tranquilizer he was told to use.

    Make arrangements for the moving company, or reserve a truck if you're moving yourself.

    Collect cardboard boxes from everywhere you can. Grocery stores are good sources.

    Above all, understand that it can be a stressful time, and try to not fret over the small details. Roll with it, and be prepared to say, "I'll worry about that later".

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    (we move so much with the army) I make sure I go through every room and throw away all stuff I don't want and anything I want to keep but don't use pack early. Then just go through the rooms one at a time packing the stuff up, making sure I mark whats in each box. Keep any newspapers and u can ask for the bubble wrap out of the empty boxes in supermarkets for free to wrap ur more precious items in them. Good luck x If u dont have packing boxes, if you google it, there are loads of companies that u can get a pack of various sized boxes quite cheap and if u are using a removal company , let them pack things like ur Tv and Pc and any large items they bring all of the stuff with them now to do that.

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    Have you decided on how you're going to move everything?

    My personal favorite method is to get anyone you know with a truck to come help you- be sure to buy them lunch.

    If you feel comfortable driving a big van, call U-Haul to see what's available/buy boxes. If you're going a long way or don't want to drive your stuff around, try pods or something similar-- they drop off a huge shipping crate on your front lawn and let you load it on your own time. Once packed, they ship it wherever for much less than traditional movers.

    But to get started, begin collecting newspapers so that you can package all of your fragile stuff safely, and invest in a sharpie.

    Source(s): I have a truck and a lot of personal experience
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    I have just recently moved and i used a website (see bellow)

    One thing that I did do that took a lot of pressure off us was asking the removal company to pack for us. yes this did add to the costs, but it really did make moving day a little less hecktic

    We also rented a skip and threw out all the stuff we would not use and became quite ruthless about it, making sure we took nothing that was just going to end up in the attic in our new house.

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    Make sure you lable your boxes to the room they go in and then rent a truck get help loading and unloading , when you get to your new house take the funiture in and put it where it goes then take the boxes in and put them in the rooms that are labled for that room, then do one room at a time .Start with the kitchen first , then the bathand then bedroom and last the living room. Good Luck !

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    Decide how many boxes you need for all stuff. Locate boxes by the rooms so kitchen stuff with clear markings that your kettle is in there will be the last one to get out and first one to be unpacked. At your new place decide where all boxes initially will go. My mistake was to dump them in the kitchen. And everyday use stuff in the separate box (my son couldn't get to school as his school uniform had been packed with all his clothes... it was somewhere far to reach). Moving place is a nightmare but you will get trough and live happily ever after!

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    First thing would be to find a place to live. Then find a steady job that can pay for your rent and utilities (electric, internet, cable and sorts), then you will likely need transportation from your home to place of work so a car may be in the works....thats pretty much all you need unless you are planning to do something else too.

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    First of all, get rid of everything you don't really need i.e. clothes, shoes etc that you haven't worn in years, unused kitchen gadgets (we've all bought them!) etc. Collect large cardboard boxes from the supermarket and pack as much as you can, particlarly linen and towels etc. If you are using a carrier, they will normally only insure items they have packed so leave the valuables to them. Pack a box with essential items you will need when you get to your new house, i.e. kettle, tea bags, mugs, spoon etc. Mark all packages with what is in them.

    As the saying goes been there, done it got the t-shirt! Don't get too stressed and wishing you every happiness in your new home

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    Get a sectional notebook & write down everything before you begin the move.

    Keeping track of what's in each box....where the boxes go....& how many boxes you have.

    Draw a diagram of where things go in each room....this keeps the movers from having to ask you.

    Put checkbooks, bank statements, etc. in a secure spot.

    If you're not sure about what to keep throw or give it away.

    Hope some of this helps.....good luck.

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