Smoking in Singapore?

I'm going to be in Singapore very soon. And I need to know a few things:

I know I cant bring cigeretts into the country without being taxed. Can I bring an opened pack?

Will have have to pay customs on it?

Its a long flight and I would be stressed not to have a smoke once I land.

And I dont extactly want to be hassled when I am going out. Should I just not bring a pack in?

Can I smoke in taxis?

Can I smoke in bars?

Do most hotels provide a smoking area?

Can I smoke on the street?

Any info at all would be helpful.

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    Yes, you can bring in an open pack of cigerettes through the customs without having to pay the customs but you cannot bring in a carton without being tax.

    All air con areas are are probihited from smokings which includes taxis, hotels and bars.

    If you really want to smoke in a taxi, inform the taxi driver forehand before lighting up your cigrette.

    Note: Not all drivers will allow smoking in their taxis and if you are requesting to smoke, be prepare that the driver will turn off the aircon and lower down the window instead.

    If you really want to smoke, you need to go out of the air con area into the allowed area of the building to smoke. There's ashtray on top of trashbins available outside the building for you to dump your cigerette butt.

    For dining, if you want to smoke while eating your dinner - just simply go to the cafe/restuarants with open area and inform the waiter or waitress that you want to sit in smoking area. They will guide you to an area within a yellow box (smoking permitted area).

    Smoking on the streets is allow but try to smoke in a less crowded places as some people are easily offended if you blow the smoke towards them.

    Hope the information is useful.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Have to correct some misconception:

    1 Legally you cannot bring in a single stick of cig at all but customs usually close an eye to an open pack. Just be nice about it and say you have an open pack if they ask. I have seen (actually its my brother) them tax per stick becuase my brother tried to mouth them off.

    2 You use to be able to bring in a carton but not anymore.

    3 Smoking in taxi is not allowed

    4 Smoking in Bars are not allowed - Some bars have smoking rooms (more like fishtanks) that you can have a smoke in.

    5 You cannot smoke in the following places : and food places (including open air places), when you are in a queue, any air-con places.

    6 Most upper class hotels have desinated smoking areas

    7 You can smoke on the street as long as you are not in a queue. But be careful about throwing the butts. Throw them in the bins. Littering carries a fine of $500 and corrective training where you need to sweep the streets in uniform.

    Have fun :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hey you all should know this. Recently there has been a crackdown on ciggs at customs. For people who think that it is ok to bring in one opened packet, it's not ok anymore. Someone got pulled to one side for just having 6 ciggs in one pack!

    So, better not to bring in anything like that. No ciggies.

    If you really need to smoke, just bum a ciggy off fellow smokers.

    Can I smoke in taxis? No, unless you ask the driver and he allows. Otherwise, generally no.

    Can I smoke in bars? There will be a designated smoking room just for smoking. Really uncool though to stand in there and just smoke, not to mention the bad ventilation and funky smells.

    Do most hotels provide a smoking area? Ask for a smoking room.

    Can I smoke on the street? Yes, but not at bus stops.

    Ciggies are super expensive in Singapore. The government doesn't want us to smoke :-(

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  • 1 decade ago

    Okay, from a smoker to a smker and getting the records straight.

    You can't bring in more that one open pack. Deal is to bring in two/three open packs and say you can't finish them.

    No cartons and the duty free shop will not even sell you coming in.

    No in taxis, air-con/confined places, government building and hospitals.

    Most open air areas are ok but please be reminded that you can smoke only in designated (yellow boxed) areas in public hakwer centres too!!

    I am not sure about pubs since I have not been around the last few months...been puffing away here in Manila now.

    Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can take a pack with you. or a cartoon if you are going for a week or more. cannot smoke in Taxis, public places. any where moree than 4 people there considered as public place. you can smoke on street. Air port has few smoking loungees and a open rof on top where you can have a smoke before going out

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are not allowed to smoke in Taxis, Request the driver if seriously necessary.

    Yes,You can smoke in Bars

    Hotels provide areas to smoke

    You can smoke on the street but cannot throw the butt on the street.

    You can bring 200 cigs in your baggage, Just buy them from a duty free shop.

    You can carry one Opened pack with you.

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