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What is the best way to include a deceased family member in a family portrait?

We would like to include a baby girl who passed away before we could take one. We don't want to airbrush her in like she was there. And we don't want to do anything that comes across as creepy.

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    If you have a picture of her, enlarge it and put it in a beautiful frame. Then when the family poses, everyone should be smiling and have the picture in the frame on someone's lap. Not cradled as if it were a real child, just the picture in the frame so that the child is included. To people who know the story, it will be meaningful to see the picture. To people who don't know the story, it won't be distracting. I'm sorry about your loss. I have a feeling your infant will be present in spirit when your family gathers for the picture.

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    Have a representation of an Angel depicted behind, and over the family, looking down on them.

    Most outsiders won't know the true meaning, but everyone in the family will.

    Then if someone asks why the angel in the picture, then it will open an oppourtunity for discussion of the child who left so prematurely, and she will be remebered that way.

    I hope you like that idea. It just came to me as I read your question, kind of like a divine inspiration. :-)

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    then put it up in her memory or something but you really shouldnt include her in the photo. Also, you dont want to photoshop it and you dont want to do anything creepy. Including a deceased person in a pic is a lil creepy. Just put in loving memory of or something as a caption before framing

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    Maybe you could hold a flower like a white rose or something like that. Then you would always know what the flower symbolized but anyone else looking at the picture wouldn't be creeped out. I like the flower idea but you could also use a small stuffed animal or something like it. Best wishes and I'm sorry for your loss.

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    I have seen pictures where the person was looking down on everyone, off to one side. It can be done very tastfully with the right photographer.

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