at&t / cingular overcharge data usage?

For awhile (like a month), I was connecting to the internet through my phone while we were waiting for the cable company.

It's .01 per kb for any usage over my medianet plan, so I was very careful how many times and how long I was signed on. I mainly needed to check our bank accounts.

When I checked the amount for the last time, it was around 9,000kb, so I figured and budgeted that my bill was going to be $100 extra.

Lo and behold to my surprise I check my bill yesterday and it shows 99,000kb now and $1000 more! That's almost a gigabyte of data - theres no way I could have accumulated that! Maybe if I had signed on every day or something, but I signed on no more than twice a week.

I sent them an email but being that its the weekend Im going to have to wait several more days before I hear anything.

Its like it looks like someone accidentally inputed an extra 9 in there or something. Are they even going to bother to check, or do you think they are just going to say I owe.


If they do say that, they are going to lose a customer thats been with them for 6 years!

And Im not going to even ask if theres anything I can do outside of reporting them to the BBB (which doesnt do anything).

It's like George Carlin says.. just bend over a little bit more...

Update 2:

by the way I was never on for more than 1/2 an hour on the longest days. Most of the time it was 5-10 minutes.

Update 3:

Yes, it was only me, and I was very careful. I had tried out the data usage back in May before, and it was 6,390 which came to $63 extra on that phone bill - so I had something to compare it to.

Update 4:

per the website its .01 per additional KB

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    Im a sales rep for a dealer of AT&T we don't do billing however im familiar with how it works and will try and answer your question.

    First it isn't just the amount of time you use it that adds up the would be the sites that you are on..what is downloaded from those sites as far as what the site needs to run etc... The kb's add up very fast! Usually its about 50kb just to check your email 1 time (if you check it twice thats already a goes fast) if you were on it 10 - 15 minutes at a time you are very likely to have run up the kb without knowing it. Usually if someone comes into my store and says that they will be using it more then just checking a random email once in awhile we recommend the unlimited date net plan ($19.99) a month so they won't have to get bills like you got

    HOWEVER that being said it isn't unheard of that they could make a mistake. I would suggest actually calling customer care. You can dial 611 from your cell phone (free call) OR call 1-800-331-0500 from your home phone they are open 24/7 and always ready to help you. When the recording comes on it will ask for your phone number go ahead and put it in..BUT when the menu starts coming on "press 1..blah blah" hit 0 then another menu will start..hit 0 right away will either give you a person or tell you if you want to take a survey ...then press 2 and you'll get a person and not have to take a survey.

    I have had them fix many bills when customers have come in with billing problems..Just give them a chance and try and be patient.

    They can give you an itemized copy of your data usage as well so you can see exactly when and how much it was used.

    Also..a helpful hint if you are using it again.. dial *data# (*3282#) and your phone will send you a free text message of exactly how much data you have used on your phone.

    Source(s): AT&T dealer rep
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    Are you sure your check showed 9,000 Kb, not 9,000KB? This is about a thousand times difference. Remember every page you visit is a download. Also could anyone else have used the machine to download something?

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    atnt sucks i wanna erase that company.... their internet is the slowest mine 2kb/sec

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