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How come it's rude to use all caps?

I can't type a question in all capitals.. it mentions that "it's rude"

..Uhmm one question: WHAT?

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    Apart from that it is considered shouting, it's also harder to read. While the letters are larger, capital letters are more alike. See source for a more thorough explanation with picture goodness :)

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    For many people it comes across as though you are shouting at them, which is rude if they didn't do anything to deserve it. Not to mention, capital letters are used to denote something of importance. Considering their use at the beginning of a sentence, a place's name, or a person's name, they call attention. When you insist on typing in all capital letters, its akin to calling for special attention which is rude and inconsiderate to everyone else who is also trying to gain attention.

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    Believe it or not, it's considered rude!

    You can use capital letters in your emails...just don't use all capitals. It's considered rude. It's like yelling at someone.

    Look at it this way; if you want to emphasize something in a sentence, you might capitalize the word, right? (example: "I am NOT going to do that" or "I am not going to do THAT") So if you capitalize everything, it's like you're trying to emphasize EVERY SINGLE WORD IN THE ENTIRE MESSAGE.

    People will actually feel as though you are yelling at them.

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    The question is why on earth would you want to type in all caps? Do you shout constantly to everyone you talk to? That is what you are doing when you use all caps, shouting. It is as rude to do so online as it is in person.

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    I don't know where it says it is rude but I consider it rude. I consider it screaming. Why would one need to raise their voice. Unless you are making or stressing a point of one word and use capital letters on the one word. I don't understand your WHAT???

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    I was told a long time ago in a chat room that all caps is consider yellings. I HOPE THAT ANSWERS YOUR QUESTION. lol I guess I've been on the computer too long because thats how I see it sometimes but I do not find it rude sometimes my allcaps button sticks lol

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    I went to a special school for broadcasting..

    And all caps is easier to read. there is no change you will confuse a letter. however with the internet communication all caps is equal to yelling you can hear me loud and clear when i yell well the same goes for when i type in all caps!

    personally it took me a while to learn how not to type in all caps due to my school!

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    In the world of text messaging and emails, using all caps makes the text hard to read.

    Use capitalization when you are expressing disbelief or astonishment or shock, or you are stressing a point.

    What the heck is GOING on?

    You want to go WHERE?

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    The answers about it being shouting is true in internet ettiquette, but here is another way of looking at it...if everyone else is typing in lower case letters, like normal people and YOU ARE TYPING LIKE THIS what does that say to you...that you are trying to be seen/heard above everyone else...its sort of like saying that whatever you have to say is more important than what anyone else is saying.

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    It's considered shouting when you type in all caps and nobody likes being yelled at!

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