can someone help me plan a backpacking trip to europe?

i'm trying to save up enough money to go on a backpacking trip in summer of 09, which i know is far away. but im planning on financing the entire trip by myself so i'm saving right now. but i just need some help on planning my trip. like how can i find good hostels? where would i go? etc etc. i'm thinking about doing mostly central europe. any help is appreciated.

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    Ooh, I'm travelling Europe in Summer 2009! (Although I'm also there for most of Spring and all of Autumn.) The links below have all been AMAZINGLY helpful to me - the first has hostels in nearly every city in Europe!

    Also, Lonely Planet is a fantastic resource - try Europe on a Shoestring.

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    If you want to go to a cheaper area, try eastern Europe. If you want a lot of old and unique places to see, go to Italy, especially south of Rome is cheaper than north of Rome, eventhough places north of Rome like Florence, Venice, Milan are very interesting to see. For hostel, use key word search and google. You can get the locations, price, reviews and comments etc. Very important, try to stay near to the main train station as they are usually at the center of most of the attractions. It will save you time and money. For transportation, use the Eurorail train pass. You should be able to get all your information on the internet. For guidebook, Rick Steve's European guidebooks are very practical, easy to following and gives you a lot good tips.

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    You can reserve beds at hostels or small hotels at this site for less than a dollar:

    Accommodation and transport are the most expensive options - transport is less flexible on price so save money buy booking a good cheap hostel.

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    Try this page:

    It is also in English and gives you links to other youth hostels in Europe.

    It is the page of the German youth hostal organisation.

    If you are a non-european, look also for the pages of Eurail Pass. It is available for non-europeans for different periods and gives you free travel by rail.

    Enjoy it!

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    my uncle has a lovely B&B in the Venice slums. The only problem is that it has no air conditioning and is sometimes hit in drive by shootings. other than that its a perfect place to stop and go on your trip. Ill see if he has any vacantcies!

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    climbing the mount Olympus in Greece is a very good one i had two friends they did !

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