What are the Enumerated Powers of the Different branches of the Constitution?

If you can list them that would be great

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    Branches of the constitution? Do you mean branches of government?

    There are three branches to the US government. These are the legislative branch--they write the laws. The executive branch--they enforce the laws. And the judicial branch--they determine whether the law is constitutional--they interpret the law.

    Our legislative body is bicameral--it consists of two parts. These are the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate consists of two senators from each state--100 in all. The House of Representatives is determined by the population of each state, and is fixed at 435 members.

    The executive branch is headed by the President and his cabinet. Each department of the cabinet is governed by a secretary. The number of departments varies from time to time. The Secretary of Defense heads the Department of Defense, which oversees the military (army, navy, marines, air force, etc.). The Secretary of the Interior oversees the Department of the Interior, which includes the Forest Service, the BLM, and other agencies.

    The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court, overseen by nine justices who are appointed by the president and approved by congress. They hear cases they agree to adjudicate from lower courts, generally on appeal. (Appeals are adjudicated in the appellate court).

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    An enumerated power (i.e. one specifically listed in the US Constitution) is a specific power granted by the Constitution. Usually the fact that one branch of the Federal Governent (or the States) have a particular power contributes towards the general system of checks and balances. However, not all enumerated powers relate to checks and balances, and checks and balances are not implemented solely by means of enumerated powers.

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