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How exactly did Reagan's "troika" contribute to his success?

James Baker, Ed Meese, and Michal Deaver were his advisors (the "troika). What did they do for him? How did they help his administration?


I know that they were advisors and helped him make decisions, but I'm looking for specifics..

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    They were the senior advisers during Reagan's first term who really controlled the course of his presidency. They had known Reagan for years and were able to execute his policies and wishes without consulting Reagan very often. In other words, Reagan delegated most decision to them, but they were competent and did not betray his trust.

    Michael Deaver was the media image maker for Pres. Reagan and advised him on personal as well as political matters. Baker was Chief of Staff and advised Reagan on economic matters and domestic policy. Meese was counselor to the president, then he became attorney general - this was the same path followed by Alberto Gonzales years later.

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    They were all Anti-Communists.

    And stood up, and rebuilt America, after Carter tore it down.

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