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population growth?

What is abolute population growth? and why is it different from population growth?


OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! so you mean that the difference is that on is the growth, and the other is how much the growth is... oh that make so much sense now thank you soo much!! your the best in the world!

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    Population growth refers to change in the size of a population—which can be either positive or negative—over time, depending on the balance of births and deaths. Population growth is measured in both absolute and relative terms. Absolute growth is the difference in numbers between a population over time; for example, in 1950 the world's population was 4 billion, and in 2000 it was 6 billion, a growth of 2 billion. Relative growth is usually expressed as a rate or a percentage; for example, in 2000 the rate of global population growth was 1.4 percent (or 14 per 1,000). For every 1,000 people in the world, 14 more are being added per year.

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