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WAL-MART down the road, AND ECONOMICS (read details)?

I have asked people before what will happen to Wal-Mart down the road, and most say they will probably be like K-Mart now an empire eventually brought down. BUT WHAT ABOUT a nightmare, and I am going to ask if this is ECONOMICALLY possible. Proctor and Gamble a major supplier to WALLY gets about 15% of their sales FROM WALLY however recently they are trying to RID their dependence on WALLY now they only have 13% of their sales to WALLY. BUT what if WALLY or a company like them wanted to take over, WHAT IF WALLY BOUGHT ALL THE STOCK in Proctor AND GAMBLE and then owned them too? Would that hurt them or help? They BUY EVERYTHING. But think about this in economics money ISN'T gained JUST MOVED, since Wally world started they have MOVED money to Proctor and yo power companies for their stores ETC. So think about it if an organization owns just about everything. money would just be moved from one of THEIR pockets to another, but wouldn't that kill the dollar OR is it impossible economicaly?

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    as for wal-mart. i would put my money on big lots (BIG) right now..i think wal-mart will go by the way of k-mart. personally i think there hey day is near the end. when the minimum wage goes to $7.25 a hour in 2009. this will hurt there bottom line big time.

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    It's not a good move for Wal-mart to try and buy proctor and gamble. They are in the retail business, and to try and specialize in too many things can cause disaster and is virtually impossible. Wal-Mart has a good system in place and continues to bring in profits. Their challenge going forward will be in keeping up with society's changing demands and the lack of customer interaction.

    The reason a company like proctor and gamble want to decrease their dependence is b/c they want to decrease the amount of control wal-mart has on their price and the way they run their business

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    china inc.

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