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What does the word "pablo" mean?

Over the summer I worked with this Spanish guy. He didn't have good English, but everyone could understand what he was saying. But at the end of his sentences he said "Pablo". Like this "No problem, pablo." Sometimes he said pablito, "Okay, pablitto" Does anyone know what Pablo means???

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    Pablo is a name, but it can be used as brother, dude....

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    Meaning Of Pablo

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    Pablo is a name. Perhaps its a way the he had to say Pablo to everyone. In argentinean spanish, we use to say CHE at the end of every sentence, that means nothing. But Pablo is definetely a male's name.

    And name's does not have translation... but Pablo would be "Paul" in English, not John.....

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    Pablo is the Spanish version for the name ‘Paul’, derived from ‘Paulus’.

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    Pablo must be a name! In Italian it is Paolo, in English it is Paul, in Greek it is Παύλος (Pavlos). Was there someone with this name? Maybe you?

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    pablo is a spanish name. =]

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    pablo is a persons name... he probably was caling you pablo as a nickname... and pablito... ito is little... like little pablo

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