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Whats a good Fender Guitar under 200.00 dollars?

Im an 16 years old and i want to start to learn how to play the guitar. I was looking into Fenders and wanted to know whats a good one to begin with for under 200 dollars. If anyone has any suggestons let know thanks.

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    My husband plays, he's 22, and he has a big are expensive. Look on, you can find acoustic Fenders for $200-ish, he said check out the Squier guitars (it's the same company & something to start with), there are several electric $100-$200. Some say 'item ships free'... It has a big selection & you can narrow your search w/ a price range.

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    The only way to get a "good" Fender for under 200 dollars is to get it used. Pawn shops usually know what they got so that's a no go. Try yard sales or craigslist, sometimes you can get a steal there. If I were you though, I might start a little cheaper and get good, then buy a more expensive guitar. Squire is made by Fender and makes a very decent Stratocaster knock off for under 200 bucks! Good Luck.

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    save up another 15 and get an Ibanez S 520 EX. I bought one almost a year ago and you can tell its a really great guitar just by looking at it. get it set up, though, because if the one you get is like mine, the strings will be a foot off the fretboard (do that for any guitar really...). anyway that is an amazing guitar, but if you were to save up another few hundred i STRONGLY reccomend the Ibanez S Prestige. Amazing finish, and everything about it is perfect. I dont have enough money for one, but everytime i go to guitar center i spend a good 20 minutes just messing around on that guitar. its probably the best guitar i have ever played, better than any Gibson or Fender (though, i havent played any more expensive PRS guitars) the links for both are below... Ibanez and Jackson are both reliable guitar companies. I would check them out. WHATEVER YOU DO, no matter what anyone tells you, stay away from fender. almost every guitar they make is terrible, unless you get a vintage (and good luck with that). but if you decide to cave in and get one of them, i suggest the telecaster with humbuckers. i would also keep your distance from dean. it seems like they cut corners for cost and such, and they usually end up with mediocre paint jobs and imbalanced. cheap wood too.

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    every one thats used a guitar probably had a squier.

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