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Can I get fired for a misdemeanor?

After working at a company for two years, we are now required to fill out forms reporting any misdemeanor or felony on our record. At the time I was hired, I had not yet been convicted, so did not lie on my application. I work in finance and reputation/integrity is extremely important since we deal with large sums of investor money. Will I be fired for reporting that I plead guilty to the misdemeanor offense of "Disrupting the Legal Process" as a plea bargain after being arrested (not convicted) for drunk driving three years ago?


Mary B, to re-state, I was arrested for drunk driving, and plead guilty to the lesser charge of Disrupting the Legal Process as a part of a plea bargain. Thanks to the others who offered constructive thoughts.

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    Some companies have either a written or unwritten clause that pertains to moral turpitude, which essentially means if you don't hold yourself to high moral standard they won't either.

    Fire you I doubt it, for the crime you commit ed however they may do a background check to determine if you warrant termination or they may watch your sick days for signs of that type of behavior

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    Well if you accepted a plea bargain, more than likely you accepted a guilty plea, admitted to what you did. You should contact the lawyer who handeled your case. You may or may not be able to get fired. It depends on company policy. If you are fired and feel that it is wrong then you need to contact a lawyer. I don't believe you should get fired but it is a possibility.

    Source(s): I'm a criminal justice student.
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    No, however it depends on your misdemeanor? As far as I see it, I doubt that you will get fire, if you had an outstanding two years of work productivity so far. Now if your misdemeanor is related to the type of work you do, there is a possibility that you can get fired.

    Email me I give you a copy of a letter that you can give them as a way of you showing remorse.

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    You cannot generally be fired for a misdemeanor unless it is substance-abuse related - only for felony convictions. Your misdemeanor doesn't have anything to do with financial integrity - you weren't caught shoplifting, for example. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    It depends entirely on the company, but since you weren't convicted of any type of theft, there is a good chance you won't be. However, if you lie, and for any reason they run a check and find out you lied, you almost certainly will be fired.

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    Your post is contradictory.

    First, you say that you plead GUILTY to a misdemeanor charge, and then you turn around and say you were arrested and not convicted.


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    In most cases, anyone on training can get fired/ laid off, terminated at anytime for any reason. That's usually a probationary period. Did the employer straight out state that that was the reason for the termination?

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