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Wire Fox Terriers Needing Homes?

Does anyone know of wire fox terrier in need of rehoming? We live in Dallas, TX and would prefer not to ship, but we don't mind. We've tryed looking at Petfinder, but most of the dogs were mixes.

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    Try www.foxterrierrescue.net which is the website for American Fox Terrier Rescue. Most of our dogs are also listed on Petfinder under either smooth fox terrier, wire fox terrier or wirehaired terrier. Most of the dogs under wireharied terrier are mixes. Good luck in finding your wire.

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    Terriers as a group are known to be feisty, independent, and somewhat difficult to train. They are active and need jobs : agility, flyball, competition obedience, and so on. Learning the basics of training and taking classes is essential when you're considering getting a new dog, especially when children will be around the dog. You may want to contact a fostering/rescue group in your area and try to foster a dog or 2 before making a final decision. Rescue groups will let you foster a dog that will be good with children - (it may not be a Terrier....) Good luck!

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    What is wrong with a mix? Mixes are great pets and need homes too! Unless you intened to breed? If you do I recomend getting a registered dog from a good breeder and get the breeding rights. That way you will know it's back ground, you'll be able to reigter the pups(you'll need both parents to be registered)

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    If you get a mix, It's more likely to live longer due to the lack of genetic defects.

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    no i dont sorry

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    Please contact me at 512-288-4602.

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