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Christina Aguilera Perfume Question???

Does anyone know where I can buy Christina Aguilera Perfume in the USA??? Any websites of stores are fine (But Inly national chain stores, not Local) Please!!!!!! I am a HUGE Christina fan and I am dying to get the new fragrance!!!!

Thanx soooooooooo Much!

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    I didn't even know she had a perfume.

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    Hi im from england an i brought it a few weeks ago when it first came out, its soo beautiful!

    I heard its only out in europe first then the US, im sure its there but only in selected shops, try going to really good shops. or ur'll just have to wait :S sorry!

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    i are transforming into to be the the Britney physique spray formerly and that i in my view like it. It makes me sense extra desirable skanky as quickly as I walk the streets at evening. yet in all seriousness, it smells fairly solid!

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    no i wuz wonderin that myself

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