core exercise?

I have heard from people that if wanting a great abs you should focus on working out the core. So... can anyone give me a good core workout that i can follow that doesn't require a gym ball and works all the muscles like the abdominal muscle and back or w/e the core is made of.

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    Work your abdominal muscles with a variety of exercises, reps and weight to ensure that you are doing everything necessary (from a training standpoint) to achieve a tight midsection. Have you already been doing this without progress? Then the answer lies in your nutritional program. That will be tackled in another article. If you are in decent shape and have no physical limitations, give this ab workout routine a try.

    Crunches (legs straight in air) 25 reps

    Crunches (legs in air, knees bent at 90 degrees) 25 reps

    Stationary Crunch with Bicycle Kicks 25 reps

    Crunches (knees bent, feet flat on floor) 25 reps

    If one lap through this circuit is not enough, then go through the entire routine one or two more times. Train your abs as often as 4-5 times each week but, just like any other muscle, not if they are still sore from the previous workout. Finally, remember that proper nutrition is probably more important than the actual ab workout routine - we all have a six-pack already, we just can't see it yet! Consistent training and dedication to your diet will change all that.

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    When doing calisthenics I'd move old school and do just take a seat ups, they paintings center as good as hips and obliques all even as. The likes of crunches upgrade your six percent sure however do not do whatever for obliques and hips. A nice new weight lifting center activity could be very up to date and powerful. It is referred to as the FULL CONTACT TWIST or BARBELL TWIST. Here you upload weights to 1 finish of a barbell and prop the weightless finish in opposition to a wall or nook of a room, take hold of the highest finish of the bar and rotate your center with a impartial again and locked palms. An olympic shot puller from Russia used this to upgrade his shot positioned, in a mugging strive he killed a person with a unmarried shot to the belly ruptering his spleen, he claims this activity bolstered his center such a lot it increased his punching vigor phenominally. Give it a check out - it can not harm.

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    P90X ab ripper works abs really hard.

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    It's a high speed version of the ab ripper (because it's high speed, he looks kinda funny). You do 25 reps for each ab exercise (or more), with about 15 secons of rest inbetween. If you have belly fat, then you need to get rid of that before you will be able to see your abs. If you have trouble seeing what he is doing in the video you can email me, and I'll do my best to explain it.

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    not sure if this is exactly what youre looking for, but it helped me get a really flat tummy, and even outlines of abs!

    just do as many situps as you can in 1 minute. just as many as you can. then do as many crunches (you should be holding these). after, like, a month, you should have a nice fit tummy/core!

    hope that helped!!

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