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Other than Pittsburgh are there any other cities with major sports teams that wear the same colors?

In Pittsburgh, the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates all wear black and gold. Are there any other cities with major sports teams, that all wear the same colors?

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    Yes, Pittsburgh is the only city. There was actually a hockey team called the Pittsburgh Pirates that wore black and gold. That's why the Penguins were permitted to change their colors from blue and white to black and gold.

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    No Pittsburgh is the only city. The first team to wear Black and Gold was actually the Boston Bruins.

    Pittsburghers truly bleed black and gold. I love that the city has the same colors in all the pro sports!

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    I think so. I think the Penguins were the last to go black and gold, right after the Steelers and Pirates won their championships.

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